Who Owns Sierra Trading Post

Sierra Trading Post, co-owner, Bobbi Richardson, applies her prior retail knowledge from her career at Macy's to the rapidly expanding company, and opens a retail store in an outlet mall in Sparks, NV. 1991 May We Take Your Order? Customer service representatives are now able to … via

Who bought Sierra Trading Post?

Sierra Trading Post is bought by TJX Companies, Inc. in 2012. If you frequent T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods or any other TJX store, you're probably excited to have Sierra Trading Post added to your TJX Rewards® card. via

Is Sierra owned by Marshalls?

Get ready to possibly see more discounted outdoor products in your neighborhood. The parent company of TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods stores announced Friday it has acquired discount outdoor retailer Sierra Trading Post for $200 million. via

Does Amazon own Sierra Trading Post?

Founded in 1986 by Keith Richardson, Sierra Trading Post has been owned by off-price retail giant The TJX Companies since 2012. via

Who is the CEO of Sierra Trading Post?

TJX Companies Inc., which continues to outperform its full-price rivals, wants Sierra Trading Post to become less promotional, President and CEO Ernie Herrman said May 17. via

Is Sierra owned by TJ Maxx?

Originally named Sierra Trading Post, Sierra was acquired by TJX in 2012 and launched its e-commerce site in 1998. The retail chain rebranded to Sierra in 2018. via

Is Sierra safe?

Opinions differ about the safety of travelers in Sierra Leone. According to official government warnings, it's a crime-riddled, corrupt and dangerously un-regulated country. However, many travel bloggers disagree, saying Sierra Leone is one of the friendliest places in West Africa known for its beautiful beaches. via

Can I return Sierra to Marshalls?

If you need to return an item you bought from Marshalls, you'll need to go to any one of Marshalls locations to do it. Yes. The Sierra Trader return policy means that all we risk to try something is the return shipping cost. via

Can dogs go in Sierra Trading Post?

Apple Stores - Your dog can be a genius! Homegoods - Actually, all members of the TJXX family allow dogs. This includes Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeSense and Sierra Trading Post. via

Are HomeGoods and TJ Maxx the same?

HomeGoods is owned by TJX Companies, and is a sister company to T.J. Maxx, Sierra Trading Post, and Marshalls. The size of each store varies by location. There are locations in the United States that combine both the HomeGoods and the T.J. via

Where does Sierra get their clothes from?

We buy from all kinds of vendors: big brand names to specialty up-and-coming labels from around the globe. Our buyers choose many different styles, to offer you a broad assortment of colors, materials, and fabrics so there are always lots of great choices for you. via

Does Sierra Trading Post Price Match?

No, Sierra does not offer price matching. via

Where is Sierra Trading Post headquarters?

Sierra via

Does Sierra Trading Post sell Rae Dunn?

We love Rae Dunn décor! If you're like us, you'll be happy to hear that the new Rae Dunn Collection is now available at Sierra Trading Post stores – and also online at SierraTradingPost.com! via

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