Where Can I Buy Fondue Fuel


What can be used for fuel for fondue?

There are several types of fondue fuel used in fondue making. These include paste fuel, gel fuel, candle lights, alcohol, butane and sterno. via

How do you make fondue fuel?

Directions: Mix together nine parts of isopropyl alcohol to every one part of calcium acetate. Once you have it measured out, adding the alcohol will cause the solution to begin to gel on its own rather quickly. Stir the solution to mix all of the alcohol with the calcium acetate and water mixture. via

Can you use a sterno for fondue?

Sterno (gel fuel) for fondue

Sterno is okay for “cooking” fondues, but it won't get as high heat as alcohol or butane. You may need to start your broth or oil off on the stove, and then transfer (carefully) to the fondue pot. via

How do you fill a fondue burner? (video)

What is the best oil to use for fondue?

Choose your favorite oil, i.e.: peanut, vegetable, canola, olive, etc. Note: If you choose to cook in broth, it is best to keep it consistent with the type of meat you are serving: for example, beef with beef broth for beef fondue. Note: Cooking with wine or champagne is also an option. via

Can you use white spirit for fondue?

Re: Fondue help.... quick! NOOOOOOOO, white spirit is the same as paint thinner, I just wouldn't do it. Try just using a bowl in a pot of water( like a double boiler ) not the same but at least you know you won't get ill. via

Is methylated spirit alcohol?

Methylated Spirit, also called denatured alcohol, is ethanol that has additives to make it poisonous to discourage recreational consumption. Because of the diversity of industrial uses for denatured alcohol, hundreds of additives and denaturing methods have been used. via

Can you make your own Sterno fuel?

Sterno typically comes in small shallow cans, like those used for tuna fish and cat food. You can mix your own Sterno fuel using paraffin wax or gelled denatured ethanol, and you can create your own Sterno containers as well. via

What vegetables can you fondue in oil?

The selection of vegetables used is dictated by your taste buds, but some good choices for fondue are peppers, carrots, baby corn, parsnips, zucchini, squash, eggplant and onions. Always exercise extreme caution when eating from a fondue pot as the oil and cheese can reach a very high temperature. via

What can you use instead of Sterno?

EcoHeat warmers, manufactured by the US-based Heat Factory, is the perfect solution to the problems posed by catering sterno. This heating system can keep food warm during parties and events, without the need for open flames or the toxic fumes that are part and parcel of catering sterno units. via

Can I use a candle instead of Sterno?

Sterno and Candle

Campers often use Sterno when cooking. Instead of a Sterno-like heat source, some fondue pots use small tea candles or larger votive candles. via

Can I use lamp oil for fondue?

For cheese, meat or seafood fondues, you need a fuel which burns to a higher temperature than can be achieved using tealights. Liquid alcohol forms a good fuel for fondues as it burns practically without odour and will not leave sot stains on the underside of the pan. via

Can you use methylated spirit in a fondue burner?

Most fondue sets come with alcohol burners, which use liquid alcohol fuel or gel packets containing a gelatinized alcohol fuel. Fill the burner base with 2 to 3 ounces of fuel. Fondue burner. You can both use methylated spirit and burning gel in the burner. via

How much fondue fuel do I need?

Use no more than 3 fluid ounces of denatured alcohol, or liquid fondue fuel, to fill your burner. More alcohol may cause excessive flames. 3 ounces will burn approximately 90 minutes. If less time is required, use 2 ounces of fuel. via

How do you make homemade fondue oil?

In a cast-iron fondue or medium heavy-bottom pot, fill half full with oil of choice. Place the pot over high heat, warm oil to 375˚F | 191°C. Carefully move the hot pan to the fondue stand or a portable burner. Keep the heat on low, checking temperature to stay around 325°F | 163°C - 375˚F | 191°C. via

What cut of meat is best for fondue?

The Best Cut of Beef for Fondue

The best cuts, although generally more expensive, are tenderloin or filet mignon. This will cook to your taste, rare, medium or well done—and remain juicy and tender. Sirloin is another option which can work well. via

What kind of meat is good for fondue?

The best meats for fondue are red meats, namely beef cuts like tenderloin and sirloin. However, pork, chicken, and even seafood are also great options. via

Is broth or oil better for fondue?

Consider broth if you want to add more flavor to the meat. Use oil for a more traditional meat fondue. Suitable oil types include vegetable, canola, grapeseed, and peanut. Thoroughly dry meat pieces before cooking to prevent oil from splashing out of the fondue pot. via

Can I burn white spirit instead of methylated spirit?

Both are solvents, and both are used for the same tasks in the painting world, so yes, you can absolutely use white spirit instead of methylated spirit. via

Can you use white spirit instead of methylated spirit in a burner?

NO. This is really really dangerous - the phrase "White Spirit" (NOT spirits) means one thing in the UK and different things in other places. If you are not in the UK they "White Spirit" could mean something like gasoline/naptha - do not put this in a trangia-style burner unless you like playing with explosives.... via

How do you clean a fondue burner?

- Ceramic pots, fondue pot, forks and spoons are dishwasher safe. Clean other parts with a damp cloth. - Fondue burner can be hand wash with a damp cloth. If stain or discoloration occurs after use, you can clean your burner by using a stainless steel cleaner and a soft sponge. via

What is the alcohol percentage in methylated spirit?

Methylated spirit contained 80 per cent alcohol, 10 per cent ethyl, pyridine and aldehyde, which makes it poisonous. via

What is a methylated spirit used for?

Methylated spirits is a liquid made from alcohol and other chemicals. It is used for removing stains and as a fuel in small lamps and heaters. via

Is methylated spirit the same as isopropyl alcohol?

While isopropyl alcohol is often referred to as a 'surgical spirit' because of its use in hospitals and other medical applications, denatured alcohol is referred to as a 'methylated spirit. Methanol is the most common chemical used to denature ethanol with, and it is extremely toxic to humans. via

Is Sterno the same as gel fuel?

Answer: No, it is not the same. Sterno cans contain a gel-type fuel, and the can has an open hole in the top (approximately 2 inches in diameter). The Bakers and Chefs Safe Heat cans are filled with a liquid fuel (9.24 ounces), and they have a wick sealed into the top of the can. via

Can you cook over gel fuel?

Cooking on a Gel-Fueled Fire Pit

Gel fuels are odorless and the chemicals will not affect your food. Sterno is one of the most prominent brand name creators of gel fuel and, according to the company's website, cooking directly over the flame is perfectly safe in terms of chemical emissions. via

What is gel fuel made of?

Gel fuel is typically made with isopropyl alcohol and is sold in 13-ounce cans that burn for about two-and-a-half to three hours. Cans cost about $3 each. Some fuel mixtures contain organic materials that make a sizzling or popping sound when burned, to mimic the sound of burning wood. via

Can you fondue with olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil has a slightly lower smoke point but it is high enough to work for most fondue pots. It is especially ideal for savory or cheesy fondue pot nights, though there are those who are happy to use olive oil for everything, even chocolate. via

What do you eat with oil fondue?

  • Crusty bread. Sourdough, rye, pumpkin, ciabatta, garlic.
  • Mini meatballs.
  • Steak.
  • Vegetable skewers.
  • Potato cubes or wedges.
  • Brownies.
  • Marshmallows.
  • Pineapple chunks.
  • via

    How much meat do I need for fondue?

    For a successful fondue party, you want to serve a nice variety of ingredients that make up a full meal, i.e. proteins, vegetables and even starchy foods. Plan around 200 g (7 oz) of meat per person: in cubes for Bourguignonne fondue, and thinly sliced or even stuffed with cheese for a Chinese hot pot. via

    Is Sterno hot enough to boil water?

    Depends on temperature of water and if if your doing it indoors or outdoors and whether you use a windscreen or not. Alcohol stoves for backpacking burn a little hotter and with windscreen can boil 2 cups of water in 4-8 minutes. via

    Is Sterno safe to use indoors?

    Sterno is very light weight and easily ignited with a match or a spark from flint and steel but is not explosive. It is also safe for use indoors. via

    Does Sterno have a shelf life?

    13. What is the shelf life for chafing fuel? Sterno recommends using within 2 years from the date of purchase. via

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