What Size Wiper Blades For 2014 Nissan Altima


What size windshield wipers does a 2014 Nissan Altima need?

The windshield wipers for the 2014 Nissan Altima are 28 inches on the driver's side and 16 inches on the passenger side. via

What size are the windshield wipers for Nissan Altima?

Nissan Altima (2007-2009) Wiper Blade Kit - Set Includes 28" (Driver Side), 17" (Passenger Side) (2 Blades Total) via

What size windshield wipers do I need?

  • Look in the owner's manual.
  • Go to any auto parts store and use their “wiper blade size finder”
  • Look up your correct wiper size online.
  • Measure the wiper blades currently on your car.
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    How often should you change wiper blades?

    The general rule of thumb is to replace your wiper blades every six to twelve months. But depending on where you live and how often you drive, you may need to replace them sooner. via

    What brand of wiper blades are the best?

  • Editor's Pick: Bosch ICON.
  • Best Budget Option: ANCO 31-Series.
  • Best for Winter: Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid Wiper Blade.
  • Aero Premium All-Season Wipers.
  • Bosch OE Specialty AeroTwin.
  • Valeo 900 Ultimate Series.
  • PIAA Silicone Wipers.
  • Rain-X Latitude Water Repellency 2-n-1 Wiper Blades.
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    How do you change windshield wipers on a Nissan Altima?

    1. Lift the wiper arm away from the windshield. 2 Push the release tab, then move the wiper blade down the wiper arm to remove. 3 Remove the wiper blade. via

    Where do you put the windshield wiper fluid in a Nissan Altima?

  • Turn the engine off, place the shifter in Park, engage parking brakes.
  • Pull the hood release under the dashboard, and you should hear the hood pop open.
  • Press the hood latch and lift the hood.
  • Secure the hood in the open position.
  • Locate the windshield washer fluid reservoir.
  • Open the washer reservoir cap.
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    Are expensive wipers worth it?

    Expensive wiper blades are better suited to the curved surface of the windshield and provide a better wipe than generic wipers. They are also noise-free and streak-free so there will be nothing to distract you when going around the sharp bend. They also remain consistent in all weather conditions. via

    How do I know what windshield wipers to get? (video)

    Can I use different size wiper blades?

    Size matters to a point, just as long as you are about 1 inch higher or lower than your current wiper blade size. If you buy wiper blades that are too big, they might overlap or touch which will cause them to break. For example, Bosch does not make 17″ wiper blades so buying a 16″ or 18″ blade is absolutely fine. via

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