What Size Is Xlt

XLT generally has a chest size of 44", a collar size of 17"-17.5" and back and sleeves length of 38".. 2XLT (XXL Tall) Clothing Looking for 2XLT (XXL Tall) options? Big Dude Clothing can help! via

What does XLT mean in sizes?

Large Tall (LT) 47. 31. 38.5. XL Tall (XLT) via

What is the difference between XL and XLT in clothes?

So XL is Extra Large. XT is Extra Tall. XLT is Extra Large - Plus tall. via

Is XLT the same as XL size?

With a huge selection of products including jeans, shirts, t-shirts and trousers in sizes MT (Medium Tall), LT (Large Tall), XLT (Extra Large Tall), 2XLT (XXL Tall) 3XLT (XXXL Tall) and 4XLT (XXXXL Tall), Big Dude Clothing is the perfect place to fulfill your tall clothing needs. via

Is XL the same as XLT?

XLT, you'll find two different price points. The XL is the more budget-friendly option, while the XLT has extra features that add up to a higher price point. via

Is 3X and 3XL the same?

Yes, it's the same thing. ON amazon you can find all kinds of wonderful substitutions. 3X, 3XL, XXX-Large and probably some more creative representations too. via

What's the difference between 3X and 3X tall?

The 3X-Big is going to have a bigger waist-line while the 3X-Tall is going be be longer from waist to the hem at the knee. The waist will be the same size on both but the inseam will be a little longer on the 3X Tall as well as the length from the waist band to the crotch. via

Are big and tall sizes different?

The Difference Between Big and Tall

A big man is a larger size in the chest, waist, and hips. A tall man who will need a tall size is usually 6'2” or taller, but there are exceptions depending upon where his body length lies. He could have an elongated body and shorter legs. Or longer legs and a shorter body. via

What is Yxs size?

YXS (6-6x) 24-25" 23-23.5" 25-26" via

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