What Size Is 3xb


What does 3XB mean?

3xB means size 3x and B means big, which means the clothing items with B are made a little bigger than the regular big sizes. via

Is XB bigger than XL?

but the xb has a larger chest and neck area compared to the xlt, and xl and the xlt has longer shirt and sleeve length compared to the xl, and xb. If you specifically wanted the "Tall" length, look for "4X-Tall" or "4XLT". via

What does XB stand for in sizes?

R.M.Williams uses the term XB in its sizing rather than XL. This simply means it is a wider fit than XL, also known as a 'relaxed' fit, so the garments will feel looser than normal XL sizes. Chest sizes range from approximately 142cm to 187cm. via

What does 4XB size mean?

Showing 1-2 of 2 answers. Its 4xB as in B for Big and Tall. via

What does the size XLT mean?

With a huge selection of products including jeans, shirts, t-shirts and trousers in sizes MT (Medium Tall), LT (Large Tall), XLT (Extra Large Tall), 2XLT (XXL Tall) 3XLT (XXXL Tall) and 4XLT (XXXXL Tall), Big Dude Clothing is the perfect place to fulfill your tall clothing needs. via

What does XT mean in sizes?

I believe it means extra tall. I am not familiar with measurements of items that are extra tall since my husband is considered just "tall" (6'2")... Anything with a T at the end usually means tall. XLT is an extra large tall. via

Which is bigger 1X or XXL?

An XXL is a Misses 18. A 1X is a plus size 14/16. The difference is that plus size clothing is generally made wider and with more room in the arms, hips, thighs, butt, and stomach areas. So the measurements may be similar. via

What are women's sizes in men's?

There is an approximate 1.5 size difference between Men's and Women's sizing. NOTE: Unisex styles are in men's sizing. Women should size down 1.5 sizes. via

Are 2X and XXL the same size?

XXL is misses size and 2X is plus size. They have different proportions. via

What is the difference between XB and XL?

What is the difference between XL and XB? but the xb has a larger chest and neck area compared to the xlt, and xl and the xlt has longer shirt and sleeve length compared to the xl, and xb. If you specifically wanted the “Tall” length, look for “4X-Tall” or “4XLT”. via

What is the difference between 3x and 3xt?

The 3x is a standard 3x shirt. The 3x/tall and 3xt are the same same shirt. The 3xt is for some that is taller than normal and has the problem that the shirt does not cover their waist and the sleeves are normally short. via

What does 2XB mean in clothes?

2XB (also written as 2X Big, 2XBIG, XX-Large Big, etc.) - Neck: 18-18.5" Sleeve: 35" 2XLT (also written as 2LT, 2XL Tall, XX-Large Tall, etc.) - Neck: 18-18.5" Sleeve: 37.5" 3XB (also written as 3X Big, 3XBIG, XXX-Large Big, etc.) - via

What's the difference between 5X and 5XL?

5XL and XXXXXL are technically the same size just different ways of indicating the size of a garment. We list our product as XXXXXL based on Amazons sizing requirements. They are both the same except that depending on who's products your are looking at, Big refers to Tall and is longer body length. via

How do tall sizes work?

Petite, regular or tall clothing sizes are sized for your height, and the length of your limbs, torso and rise. Women who are between 5′ 5″ and 5′ 7″ are thought of as “regular” height. Women who are 5′ 8″ and taller are “tall”. via

What's the difference between regular and tall sizing?

Tall Clothes for Men vs Standard Sizes

Tall clothing is comparable to standard-sized clothing, but with all the measurements proportionally extended. via

What is 2X tall?

2XLT means XXL or double extra tall. These men's garments are 2-4" longer in length than 2XL. These are all garments for big and tall men. via

Is a size 16 plus size?

In the non-fashion world, the term “plus-size” is used to describe anyone size 16 and beyond. Brands and designers take greater liberties with the moniker. via

How do you convert women's clothing sizes to men's?

As a general rule, to convert women's pants size to men, simply add 21 to your women's size to get the closest men's size equivalent, although you still have to consider the inseam size as women's jeans tend to have wider hips and narrower waist than men's. via

Is 2X the same as size 18?

With styles for plus size ladies, the fit model is generally a size 18 or a 2X. Therefore, there is true size discrepancy from one brand to the next and even within different categories of the same brand. via

What is big and tall fit?

We take “big and tall” to mean a few different things beyond that, such as: Any guy who's 5'11” or over who has a waist and hips that are about the same width as his shoulders. A man 5'11” or more who is barrel-chested or “thick” in some other way. via

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