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What is ractopamine and why is it used in bacon?

It's called ractopamine, and it might be in most bacon you eat. Ractopamine belongs to a class of drugs commonly administered to animals called beta-agonists, which increase protein synthesis and help animals pack on muscle weight. It's fed to an estimated 60% to 80% of US pigs in the weeks before slaughter. via

Is ractopamine banned in the US?

As of 2014, the use of ractopamine was banned in 160 countries, including the European Union, China and Russia, while 27 other countries, such as Japan, the United States, South Korea, and New Zealand have deemed meat from livestock fed ractopamine safe for human consumption. via

What are the effects of ractopamine?

Ractopamine also increases feed efficiency, causing the livestock to grow at a more rapid rate while consuming less feed. This results in animals with a higher lean muscle to fat ratio, allowing farmers to be able to produce more lean meat on fewer natural resources. via

Why is ractopamine allowed in us?

Ractopamine is fed to promote growth and leanness, and is considered safe for human consumption in e.g. the USA, Japan and South Korea. The feed additive is correlated with adverse effects including hyperactivity, trembling and broken limbs. via

Does all pork contain ractopamine?

China and EU require that pork meat be ractopamine-free. Though ractopamine is cleared rapidly from plasma and muscle, and is metabolically inactivated in the liver, it accumulates to much higher levels and persists longer in certain tissues, including liver, kidney, eye and hair. via

How do I know if the pork has ractopamine?

To find out whether a swine feed contains ractopamine, look for “ractopamine hydrochloride” on the feed label (see figure 1). (Note: Labels typically list ractopamine as an active ingredient rather than as a medicated feed product.) via

Is ractopamine a steroid?

The drug is ractopamine, and it is the active ingredient in “finishing” feed supplements used to bulk up swine in the weeks before they head to the show ring or slaughter. It is not a steroid, but as a repartitioning agent it helps keep nutrients from going into fat stores so as to enhance muscle mass. via

How long does ractopamine stay in your system?

This study showed that ractopamine may be detected for at least seven or five days after the last exposure in the urine of sheep and cattle, respectively. In a depletion study, Qiang et al. (2007) measured ractopamine residues in the tissues of pigs after administration of 20 ppm dietary ractopamine for 28 days. via

How do you test for ractopamine?

  • Is intended for field applications to screen cattle and swine urine samples for the presence of ractopamine.
  • Is a qualitative one-step test, which easily detects the presence of ractopamine at set concentrations in either blood or urine.
  • via

    Why is ractopamine bad for you?

    Ractopamine is associated with major health problems in food-producing animals, such as “downer” syndrome and severe cardiovascular stress, and has also been linked to heart problems and even poisoning in humans. via

    How do you prevent ractopamine?

    Pork producers aren't required to tell you they use ractopamine, so don't bother looking for it on the label. To avoid it, buy from a trusted local farmer, or look for the American Grassfed Association (AGA) logo—AGA-certified meat prohibits the use of ractopamine. via

    Is ractopamine an antibiotic?

    80% of the antibiotics used in the U.S. are used on the animals we eat: injected into them, fed to them and many of the drugs are banned or restricted around the world. Here in the US, the FDA approved ractopamine and allows the drug to be used widely in U.S. factory farm operations. via

    Why is ractopamine banned in China?

    The Chinese mainland has banned the entry of meat products from the island of Taiwan to prevent the spread of the highly pathogenic avian influenza and consumption of meat with ractopamine, said the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on Wednesday. via

    Does Swift Pork contain ractopamine?

    JBS, owned by JBS S.A. based in Brazil, hopes to help China fill a huge gap created by the African swine disease by supplying it with ractopamine-free pork. JBS USA sells pork under brands including Swift and Swift Premium. Until now, it has focused mainly on the domestic market, leaving China to Smithfield Foods. via

    Does Canadian pork contain ractopamine?

    Ractopamine, which is designed to improve an animal's energy uptake from feed, is approved in Canada, but is banned in target markets such as China and the European Union. The Canadian pork sector has voluntarily moved away from the additive in order to access those markets, enforcing that move under the CRFPCP. via

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