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What type of organization is NOLS?

The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) is a non-profit outdoor education school based in the United States dedicated to teaching environmental ethics, technical outdoors skills, wilderness medicine, risk management and judgment, and leadership on extended wilderness expeditions and in traditional classrooms. via

How long is a NOLS course?

3-weeks of online learning and 5-days of in-person learning, a hybrid format for Wilderness First Responder courses. via

Is NOLS a troubled youth?

If you have a serious problem kid NOLS is not the answer. They are not set up for kids with mental issues. Wilderness therapy asseses and tests your kids to see what behavioral problems they have. via

How much do NOLS instructors get paid?

How much does a NOLS Instructor in United States make? The highest salary for a NOLS Instructor in United States is $102,584 per year. The lowest salary for a NOLS Instructor in United States is $32,962 per year. via

What is the difference between NOLS and Outward Bound?

The difference between outdoor education's two biggest schools is philosophical. While Outward Bound leans more toward emotional development of its students, NOLS emphasizes technical prowess. NOLS sticks to teaching wilderness skills. But the differences are minimal compared to the similarities. via

Is NOLS accredited?

NOLS Wilderness Medicine is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE), formerly known as the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS). via

Is NOLS good for college?

NOLS courses challenge you in ways that very few other experiences can. Many of these skills will serve you well as you move on to new stages of life, including your college education. Teamwork and leadership are skills that matter both in the backcountry and the frontcountry. via

Does NOLS accept GI Bill?

The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) is one of the top programs in the world for receiving an outdoor education. They offer courses here that are eligible for GI Bill benefits. via

Does WFA include CPR?

Does this class include CPR? It does not include CPR, nor is certification in CPR a prerequisite for taking this class. We encourage students to receive training in CPR from the American Heart Association, or one of their affiliated agencies. via

What is Outward Bound School?

Outward Bound (OB) is an international network of outdoor education organizations that was founded in the United Kingdom by Lawrence Holt and Kurt Hahn in 1941. Today there are organizations, called schools, in over 35 countries which are attended by more than 150,000 people each year. via

What is NOLS Wilderness Medicine?

NOLS offers wilderness medicine courses that will prepare you to recognize, treat, and prevent injuries and illnesses that are common in the outdoors. You'll learn NOLS' industry-leading, data-informed curriculum and build new skills through hands-on practice scenarios. via

Is there an age limit for NOLS?

NOLS teaches real skills in wild places so you can adventure for a lifetime. NOLS Adult Expeditions are immersive 1- to 2-week wilderness experiences designed exclusively for adults 23 and over. via

How do you train for NOLS?

For most of NOLS courses, you'll be working hard for several hours each day. Aim to make your workouts last at least 60 minutes (again, start shorter and increase gradually), and try to incorporate some longer, sustained workouts into your routine, like going for an all-day walk. via

How old do you have to be to do NOLS?

Teens: Ages 16-17. via

How much do Outward Bound instructors make?

The top of our instructional pay scale is $142/day; starting salary for Assistant Instructors is $64 per day. Starting salary for Logistics Staff is $50/day. via

How many people work for NOLS?

It has 17 unique operational locations worldwide, operates in all 50 states and in dozens of countries, and employs nearly 1,400 individuals as full-time and part-time staff. NOLS enrolls more than 28,000 students annually and has more than 360,000 active alumni. via

How much do Wilderness First Responders make?

Salary Ranges for Wilderness Emts

The salaries of Wilderness Emts in the US range from $10,212 to $254,999 , with a median salary of $45,867 . The middle 57% of Wilderness Emts makes between $45,867 and $115,306, with the top 86% making $254,999. via

Has anyone died on Outward Bound?

There are five USA Outward Bound schools with an annual enrollment of 30000 students. Since 1962 there have been 13 accidental student deaths, 3 instructor deaths, and 4 deaths unrelated to accidents. The last accidental death was in 1978. via

Has anyone died on a NOLS trip?

There have been 12 people who have died during NOLS courses or expeditions since the company's inception in 1965. The organization has graduated roughly 233,000 students since that time. via

How many Outward Bound schools are there?

With 11 schools across the country, Outward Bound offers challenging learning expeditions in remote wilderness settings and shorter courses closer to home. via

How long does NOLS Wilderness First Aid certification last?

NOLS Wilderness Medicine certifications will be afforded a one-year period after expiration within which to recertify. This one-year re-entry period is only offered for NOLS Wilderness Medicine certifications. via

How long is WFR certification good for?

How long does my certification last; how do I recertify? WMAI certifications are valid for three years. WMAI WEMT, WFR and WAFA graduates may recertify by taking any of the following WMAI courses: a 24-hour Open Recertification course, a 36-hour Wilderness Advanced First Aid course, or a 36-hour Bridge course. via

What are some skills you can acquire from a wilderness and rescue certification?

Wilderness & Expedition Medicine Skills Include:

Management of wounds, fractures, dislocations, and sprains. Hypothermia, frostbite, heat illness, and altitude illness. Patient assessment in the wilderness setting. Evacuation and rescue techniques. via

Is NOLS hard?

Sure, you may hike and camp a lot with family or friends, and that's great. But NOLS is an intensive, immersive outdoor experience. After 30 or more days in the field, you'll be more confident in yourself as an outdoorsperson—and as a human being. via

What is NOLS in accounting?

A net operating loss exists if a company's deductions exceed taxable income. An NOL can benefit a company by reducing taxable income in future tax years. NOLs may now be carried forward indefinitely until the loss is fully recovered, but they are limited to 80% of the taxable income in any one tax period. via

Is NOLS a nonprofit?

NOLS is a nonprofit global wilderness school that seeks to help you step forward boldly as a leader. via

How much does WFA cost?

COST: $145.00 per individual for WFA course and an additional $45 per individual for CPR/AED certification if paid 10 days in advance. Within 10 days, $155/$55. The fee for CPR/AED certification without an accompanying WFA registration is $65. via

What is a key difference between wilderness first aid and Standard first aid?

Wilderness First Aid is based on evidence-based medicine and current first-aid practices. The basics are same as a standard first-aid course–stop the bleeding, open the airway, and consider a head or spine injury–but there's a heavier focus on the “now what”? via

What can you do with a WFA?

7 Jobs You Can Get with a Wilderness Medicine Certification

  • Outdoor Recreation Leader/Summer Camp Staff.
  • Wilderness Expedition Leader or Guide.
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Ski Patrol.
  • Search and Rescue Volunteer.
  • Firefighter.
  • Emergency Room Technician.
  • via

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