What Is A Triple Square Socket


What is the difference between Torx and triple Square?

Torx has a star-shaped head to its bit. Triple square is as it sounds: three squares all at 90-degree angles. The former is used in bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, and computer systems. Triple squares tend to be most prevalent on vehicles. via

What is a triple square socket set?

Triple square socket sets work on most European cars, and many are made with high-quality materials like S2 alloy steel for added durability. Triple square socket sets work on most European cars, and many are made with high-quality materials like S2 alloy steel for added durability. via

Is 12 point and triple square the same?

A triple square is, as the name suggests, 3 squares overlaid so each "point" has the 90* angle of the corner of a square. The "12pt" is 2 hex shapes overlaid so each "point" is the 60* corner of a hex. via

What are triple square bits used for?

Triple-square drive fasteners have been used in high-torque applications, such as cylinder head bolts and drive train components. The fasteners involved have heads that are hardened and tempered to withstand the driving torque without destroying the star points. via

Can you use Torx instead of hex?

Torx to Allen Key Conversions

We actually don't recommend using your torx wrenches in place of a hex key or Allen wrench. With that being said, torx size, T9, won't doesn't really work with any of the SAE hex sizes. However, it's actually a perfect match for metric size, 2.5 mm. via

Are Torx and Allen keys the same?

There is a difference between an Allen Key and a Torx Key. The hexagonal cross section is found in Allen keys, while the star- or asterisk-shaped cross section is found in Torx keys. via

Is Triple square the same as spline?

Spline and XZN (Triple Square) are not the same thing. XZN has triangular splines, and generally when someone say "spline drive" they mean rectangular splines, like a transmission input shaft or CV Shaft. A triple square is just that, 3 squares overlaid, each point is 90*. via

What is an 8 point socket?

Proto® 8 Point Impact Sockets are ideal for use on stubborn or damaged fasteners, and also on fasteners made from soft materials. Made from high-strength steel to help minimize wall thickness and provide access to fasteners in recesses and where nuts and bolts protrude. via

What is the point of a 12 point socket?

The additional points make these sockets easier to connect with the heads of fasteners. This is ideal if you are trying to work on a fastener that is hard to see or you cannot see at all. 12 point sockets are also great for use in tight spaces as they allow you to connect to a fastener at more angles. via

Is Triple square Torx?

You may get confused to differentiate between Tripe Square vs Torx because while you look at them, both look pretty similar. Torx comes in the start-like shape, while the Triple Square has three squares at all 90-degree angles. Trox use for motorcycles, vehicles, computer systems, and bicycles. via

Is there a difference between star and Torx?

Today, only the Torx company can use the name Torx, but there are "generics" now which have a physically identical design. The "generics" typically refer to that design as a star bit or head. The "generic" star should be physically identical to the Torx design. via

Is XZN Triple Square?

Triple square socket bits, also known as XZN sockets, are commonly used in automotive and electrical applications. via

Why do stars bite?

The stored Star Bits are used to feed the Hungry Lumas found in the Comet Observatory and several galaxies to unlock galaxies and planets. via

What is the difference between Phillips and pozidriv?

Phillips screw heads are designed so that the Phillips screwdriver will cam-out (slip) if too much torque (power) is applied. Pozidriv screws, on the other hand, are designed specifically so that the screwdriver head does not cam-out. Phillips screwdrivers fit in Pozidriv screws, and can turn them. via

What does a hex bit look like?

A hex key or Allen key is a simple tool used to drive bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets in their heads. The tool is usually formed of a single piece of hexagonal rod of hard steel, with blunt ends that are meant to fit snugly into the screw's socket, bent in an "L" shape with unequal arms. via

Is Torx better than hex?

The Torx design allows for a higher torque to be exerted than a similarly sized conventional hex socket head without damaging the head and/or the tool. via

What can I use instead of a hex key?


Sometimes you can use small types of flathead screwdrivers as a hex wrench by putting the end in the socket so that the two edges of the screwdriver work as leverage in the hole to turn it. The wider the socket on the bolt or nut, the wider the flathead screwdriver you will want to use. via

What can I use if I don't have a Torx screwdriver?

Use a small flat head screwdriver.

If you don't have a Torx screwdriver, you can attempt to unscrew the screw with a flat head screwdriver. Simply insert the flat head screwdriver into two opposite edges of the Torx screw head. via

What is the difference between torx and torx Plus?

The Torx Autosert feature guides the driver bit accurately into the recess creating a self-centering engagement action. Torx Plus is designed for high torque transmission. This means that higher torques can be used to securely tighten fasteners without incurring additional wear and tear on the tools. via

What are Star Allen Keys called?

Torx keys are also commonly known as star keys. Like hexagon allen keys, most torx keys are small enough to be carried in a pocket and enable the user to drive the appropriate fasteners without needing a separate screwdriver or power tool. via

What is the point of a ball end hex key?

The ball end makes it easier to slide the key into the receiving slot. It allows you to reach at an offset 30 degree angle so that you can feel your way to the needed position much faster - great for blind or difficult areas to reach or if the bolt or screw is close to an obstruction on one side. via

How many points is a spline socket?

A spline socket is designed to tighten and un-tighten spline fasteners but is also ideal for use on 4-point, 6-point (hex) and 12-point (bi-hex) fasteners, making them a useful socket to use across multiple shaped fasteners. via

What is a spline socket?

Spline sockets on spline fasteners help deliver twice the torque of 12 pt. wrenches on double hex fasteners, helping tighten high strength bolts to high torque loads. Spline helps reduce foreign object debris (FOD) by forcing a precise fit between thefastening tool and the fastener. via

When would you use an 8 point socket? (video)

How many points is a socket?

Answer: It's true that 12-point sockets are fine for most lightweight repairs, but heavy wrenching calls for a six-point socket. A six-point socket is much less likely to slip off a stubborn fastener or round over the corners. via

What are 8 point sockets good for?

8 point, or even special 4 point sockets from Snap On, are great for square headed set screws, drains for small engines, or square headed gearbox plugs. A set of 8 points is not used very often, but real handy when you do need them! via

Is 6 point or 12 point socket better?

If your fastener is 12-point, which is somewhat uncommon, then you must use a 12-point tool. For 6-point fasteners, a 6-point tool is your best choice. Matching up the points between the tool and fastener means that you will maximize the surface area of steel in contact, making the tool less likely to slip or fail. via

Why are impact sockets black?

First and foremost is the metals that are used. Rather than a chrome vanadium finish as found on most hand sockets, impact units are made out of chrome molybdenum, which is then carbonized, giving them a flat black look. via

Can you strip 12 point sockets?

As long as you are capable of holding the socket on the nut or bolt head, a 12pt socket will not strip the nut or bolt head any faster then a 6pt socket. The 12pt socket will give you 6 more positions to start from in tight places. Some will say yeah but what about impact sockets. via

Will a 12 point socket work on a Torx bolt?

Neither a 6 or a 12 point socket will help when an E-Torx is required. via

How do you remove a rounded triple square bolt?

  • Using an angle grinder (very gradually) to grind off two sides (four sides if you're good) to get a spanner/wrench around the head of the bolt.
  • Heat the bolt (then let it cool) before attempting to undo it with the spanner to break the lock-tite.
  • via

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