What Is A Lovesac


What is a Lovesac used for?

A: Sactionals are The World's Most Adaptable Couch™, made up of 2 endlessly rearrangeable, proprietary pieces—Seats and Sides. Arrange any number of Seats and Sides to create your desired setup. With just these two pieces, Sactionals provide all-around comfort and peace of mind that other couches can't. via

Why is it called a Lovesac?

Shawn Nelson turns his passion into a company and calls it Lovesac, after the original nylon sac he built in 1995. via

How expensive is a Lovesac couch?

Now to the downside of the Sactional: They're pricy. Not shockingly so, but enough to make buying a Lovesac Sactional a real commitment. You'll need to fork over a chunk of change for one—two seats, four sides, and covers for all of it start at $2,000. via

How long does a Lovesac last?

They've evolved throughout their 20-year lifespan, but one thing hasn't changed – there are no beans. Instead, Lovesac bean bag chairs are filled with Duraform, which are recycled foam remnants. Like their Sactionals, Sacs can be customized with different covers, which are conveniently machine washable. via

Can Lovesac be used as a bed?

Sactionals cushions are LoveSac soft, and definately large enough (roughly Queen sized) to sleep on. A mattress topper to cover the cracks makes them softer than most beds! making Sactionals excellent guest beds. via

Are LoveSac worth it?

Overall, most Lovesac reviews seem to rave about this product and highly recommend it. While the price tag might be a bit high, I definitely think this sofa is worth trying out (especially considering they have a great return policy). via

Is LoveSac Made in USA?

Even to this day all naked Lovesacs are made in the USA, but we still sew most of the covers and also build most of our Sactionals in China. We are currently working on re-sourcing our Outdoor Sactionals to Vietnam where labor rates are more competitive. via

What is LoveSac filled with?

A Sac may look like a beanbag, but they are so much more. Filled with a proprietary blend of recycled foam remnants called Durafoam™, and available in multiple sizes and Covers, Sacs are the closest you'll get to sitting on an actual cloud. via

Does Lovesac make sleeper sofas?

If you want a couch that doubles as a daybed, guest bed or sleeper sofa, this is the deal for you. The Lovesac "Sactionals" sectional sofa is a modular furniture system that can fit any occasion. via

Does Lovesac have sales?

Right Now Lovesac are on Sale Up to an Extra 20% off on Sactionals Products and They Also Offers Fast Shipping with Contactless Delivery and They Also Offer 60-Day Home Trial and 12-Month Financing. via

What is the biggest Lovesac?

BigOne Insert

  • Seats 3+ Adults.
  • 95 lbs, approximately 6' wide and 4'1" high.
  • Filled with Premium Shredded Durafoam.
  • Sac Inserts are Guaranteed for Life.
  • via

    Does anything compare to LoveSac?

    The Ultimate Sacks are another top competitor and cheap alternative for the Lovesac bean bags! Not only do they offer up to 6-foot bean bags, but they also offer corner bean bags, accessories like matching ottomans, and even cozy dog beds for your fur friends. via

    What's so special about LoveSac?

    The Lovesac is different. It's the bean bag for the generation that loves everything “luxe” and “elevated” and “using the latest technology.” It doesn't use beans or beads but is filled with Durafoam. The moldable, adaptable foam gives it an airy feel. Yet the foam inside still supports body weight. via

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