What Is A Beekeeper Called


Why is it called an apiary?

Etymology. First known usage of the word "apiary" was in 1654. The base of the word comes from the Latin word "apis" meaning "bee", leading to "apiarium" or "beehouse" and eventually "apiary." The word apiarist typically refers to a beekeeper who focuses on just one species of bee. via

What is a group of beehives called?

Beekeeping is also called apiculture, from the latin word, apis. Another word for beekeeper is apiarist, while a bee yard is called an apiary. A group of bees inside a hive is called a colony, while a group of bees outside a hive is called a swarm. via

Why do beekeepers wear white?

In order to be able to evolve bees have had to protect themselves against predators who want to harm them. Therefore by wearing white, a beekeeper can approach and open the hive without the bees becoming defensive and attacking, decreasing the chances of the beekeeper being attacked/stung. via

What is needed to keep bees?

What equipment do I need to start beekeeping? In addition to your bees, you'll need a beekeeping suit, plus gloves, smoker and a hive tool. When it comes to clothing, go for a maximum protection to avoid stings. via

How many hives can you put on an acre?

Average bee hive densities (hives per acre) recommended for crops grown in the USA range from 1-7. Most crops that benefit from honey bees require 2-3. Recommended numbers have inched upwards in recent years because of a drop in wild honey bee densities. via

How close can beehives be to each other?

You can space a pair of hives as close to six inches from each other, but you need several feet of space around one or two sides in order to move equipment around as you're working the hives. Know what predators (man or beast) are in your area and what protection your bees will need. via

Why do beekeepers not wear gloves?

Even though they provide protection, many experienced beekeepers choose to not wear gloves or wear light ones. The reason behind it is the easier handling of the bees with a lesser chance of crushing them, and easier equipment handling. via

Do bees know their keeper?

Many feel that the bees truly get to know their keepers. The honey bees have an extremely acute sense of smell, and most recognition of the beekeeper is probably done by detecting odor. However, there are times that honey bees certainly seem to be able to recognize people by their faces. via

Why do some beekeepers not wear suits?

Experienced beekeepers are masters at reading their bees, and often prefer to forgo the cumbersome suits and gloves in order to increase tactile sensitivity during inspections. via

Can I stop my Neighbour keeping bees?

Beekeepers have the right to keep bees. Their neighbours have the right to enjoy their property in peace. Badly kept and positioned colonies can be a nuisance”. It is a beekeeper's responsibility to avoid their bees becoming a nuisance and to take appropriate steps if they so become. via

How do you start a beehive for beginners? (video)

Are bees hard to keep?

Is beekeeping hard? Being responsible for an entire colony of living things can be hard work. There's some heavy lifting and physically difficult tasks involved, especially when it's time to harvest your honey. Bees are also susceptible to many different pests, diseases, and predators that you'll need to watch out for. via

How many hives do you need to make money?

All you need is at least 2 hives to start selling honey and beeswax products. I would wait until you have at least 5 hives before you start offering beekeeping services to businesses. via

How many times a year can you harvest honey?

Harvesting Honey

In a healthy, productive hive, it is normal to be able to harvest honey two to three times each season. Most beekeepers will harvest honey between June and September, but how often you harvest and how much honey you get will depend on a number of factors. via

How many supers can you put on a hive?

A single hive can have at least 2-3 supers. When your first honey super is about ⅔ full of honey, add another super on top of it. via

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