What Episode Of Glee Does Finn Die

RIP, Finn Hudson. 'Glee' mourned the death of the beloved jock played by Cory Monteith, who died July 13, on its third episode of the season Thursday. The details of the 31-year-old actor's fatal overdose of heroin and alcohol have been reported extensively, but Finn's cause of death wasn't revealed to viewers. Popular Trending About Us via

How did they explain Finn's death on Glee?

The first seismic blow to the show and its cast occurred in July 2013, when Cory Monteith, who played lovable quarterback Finn Hudson, was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver, British Columbia. An autopsy report revealed that Monteith, 31, had died from a toxic combination of alcohol and heroin. via

What episode of Glee does puck die?

However, while he was awaiting sentencing, Salling was found dead by suicide near his home in Los Angeles. He was 35. In season three, episode 12, entitled 'The Spanish Teacher', glee club leader and teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) kicks off the weekly lesson by writing “2030” on his chalk board. via

Why was Quinn not in the Finn tribute?

Despite Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) having a strong connection to Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith), Agron was not asked to be back for the tribute for unknown reasons. Brittany (Heather Morris) was also not present as she had given birth shortly before shooting. via

Do Rachel and Finn marry?

In Heart, Finn and Rachel are seen happy and flirty at the beginning of the episode. They also tell the Glee Club about their engagement. They announce their decision to get married in June. Later, Rachel's dads invite Finn and his family over to their house for dinner. via

Is Rachel Berry pregnant?

At the end of Glee's sixth season, viewers were shown the characters in the year 2020, which ended with Rachel pregnant. 'In Glee Rachel Berry was pregnant in 2020 because she was Kurt and Blaine's surrogate,' a fan wrote. via

Did Lea Michele actually get the Finn tattoo?

The actor had been open about his struggles with substance abuse as a teenager, entering drug rehabilitation at 19-years-old after an intervention from friends and family. Lea's 'Finn' tattoo was actually inked while Cory was alive, as she revealed in 2016 that she had got it done in 2011. via

Is Finn dead Adventure Time?

According to the episode "The Vault," Finn has had several past lives. In the Distant Lands special "Together Again", which takes place an unspecified time after the end of the series, Finn has died, though the cause of his death is not revealed. via

Why did puck go to jail in Glee?

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Months after the Glee series finale in 2015, Salling made headlines when he arrested. After an investigation, he was indicted on charges of receiving and possessing child pornography in May 2016. Salling later pled guilty to the possession charge. via

What were Cory Monteith's last words?

Cory's devastating last words to Ryan were “I love you, man, and thank you for helping me get better.” His last Tweet reveals his playful side. The Tweet, which was posted the day before he died, read “What the crap is a sharknado? Oh. via

Were Lea Michele and Cory dating when he died?

Michele and Monteith finally made their romance official in mid-2012 and were together until his passing in 2013. Michele has been vocal about her enduring love for Monteith and his memory, from dedicating the show's Teen Choice Award win to him in the weeks immediately following his death to her various tattoos. via

Did Rachel and Finn dating in real life?

Leah Michelle as Rachel Berry

Many fans know that Rachel not only dated Finn on screen but also in real life. Leah Michelle and Cory Monteith had been dating since the show first began. In 2012, they officially became a couple. via

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