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How do you know if a gas station is top tier?

There are several ways to recognize a TOP TIER™ fuel retailer.

  • Many fueling stations selling TOP TIER™ licensed brands prominently display the TOP TIER™ logo on the pump, pump handle, canopy or in a station window.
  • Check the licensed brand list.
  • Ask the station operator.
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    What brand is Walmart gas?

    EL DORADO, Ark. -- In a strategy shift, Murphy USA Inc. said it is changing its relationship with longtime partner Wal-Mart Stores Inc. on opening gas stations and convenience stores on Walmart lots. via

    What is considered Top Tier Detergent Gasoline?

    Top Tier is a performance standard for gasoline, backed by major automakers. Since the 1990s, the Environmental Protection Agency has required a minimum level of detergent for all gas sold in the United States. To be considered Top Tier, the gasoline must have a higher concentration of detergent added to it. via

    Who supplies TOP TIER gas?

    Top Tier licensed retail brands

  • 76 (USA)
  • ARCO (USA, Mexico)
  • Aloha (USA)
  • Amoco (USA)
  • BP (USA)
  • Beacon (USA)
  • Break Time C Stores (USA)
  • Breakaway (USA, Canada)
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    Which gas is better 87 89 or 93?

    Regular gas is rated at 87 octane in most states, while premium gas is often rated higher at 91 or 93. Engines with high compression ratios or turbochargers often require high octane fuel found in premium gas for optimal performance and fuel efficiency. via

    What is the best brand of gasoline?

    Top 10 Best Gasoline Brands

  • Kwik Trip.
  • Holiday.
  • Exxon.
  • Chevron.
  • Costco.
  • Texaco.
  • Sinclair.
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    Why is Murphy gas so cheap?

    Murphy USA buys unbranded gasoline so that it can sell at lower costs than its competitors. Gas stations aren't the greatest businesses themselves -- they are typically low-margin and competition is fierce -- but the convenience stores are a different ball game. via

    Is Costco gas a Top Tier gas?

    Costco is listed as a TOP TIER™ gasoline retailer. Find out more at Kirkland Signature™ Gasoline contains five times the EPA detergent requirement in both regular unleaded and premium grades, and is formulated to clean your engine and help your vehicle run like new. via

    What is the best 93 octane gas?

    Synergy Supreme+™ premium gasoline is our best fuel ever

    Synergy Supreme+ premium gas generally has an octane level of 93, but may be blended and sold at an octane level of 91 or 92 in certain areas of the US. Higher-octane gasoline provides improved performance in vehicles designed to run on premium gasoline. via

    Is Mobil a top tier gasoline?

    Exxon and Mobil SynergyTM gasoline contains significantly higher quantities of detergents than required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and has passed key performance tests resulting in it being certified TOP TIER. TOP TIER fuel is recommended by many automakers in their vehicles' owner manuals. via

    Why is Shell gas so expensive?

    Most of what makes gas more expensive in the Bay Area is true statewide as well: The price is high because of higher taxes and stricter environmental restrictions. California taxes on gasoline involve a combination of state and local charges: Local sales taxes, which in the Bay Area range up to 2.5% via

    Is all Shell gas top tier?

    Shell research shows that fuels with more cleaning agents can remove deposits left behind by low-detergency gasolines. According to the automakers that developed the Top Tier standard, clean engines help vehicles achieve optimal performance as well as reduced emissions. via

    Is Sunoco A Top Tier gasoline?

    Sunoco UltraTech™ is a Top Tier high detergent fuel blend, available across all fuel grades at every Sunoco station across the country. via

    Which gas is better Shell or Exxon?

    Exxon dominated Shell in every category from satisfaction rating to sentiment analysis. More than 70% of Exxon's customer reviews were four or five stars, compared to just 50% of Shell's. For sentiment analysis, Exxon dominated again. via

    Is Speedway gas top tier 2020?

    Speedway is a licensee of Top Tier gasoline, and all retail locations must meet those quality standards. The company uses Gilbarco, Dresser Wayne and other fueling systems. A key hallmark of the Speedway brand is its Speedy Rewards loyalty program. via

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