How To Use Instant Clear Jel


What is the difference between Clear Jel and Instant Clear Jel?

Unlike regular Clear Jel or cornstarch that are activated by heat and iquid, Instant Clear Jel sets up as soon as it comes in contact with liquid, and is not adjustable. It is typically mixed with sugar, which slows it down a bit, then mixed with the wet ingredients, but it still needs to be mixed in quickly. via

How do you use Clear Gel for canning?

Use Clearjel if you're canning homemade pie fillings, since it doesn't begin thickening until the liquid begins to cool. General Directions: Use 1/4 cup clearjel to 1 quart of liquid. Bring liquid to a boil before adding clearjel. Do not over boil as this will cause the starch to break down, thinning out your product. via

How do you dissolve clear gel?

Clear Jel does not dissolve easily in liquid. To help dissolve the product mix the Clear Jel with a little sugar before adding to the fruit or juice. via

Is Instant Clear Jel the same as gelatin?

Instant Clear Gel is a food starch that thickens foods instantly without cooking it first. It will thicken faster than regular clear gel. Clear gel is sometimes referred to as powdered gelatin or unflavored gelatin. Clear gel can be found spelled many different ways such as Clear Jel, Cleargel, or Clearjel. via

What is a substitute for Instant Clear Jel?

How much should you use: In general, Instant ClearJel can be substituted in equal parts as tapioca, cornstarch, or arrowroot. via

What can I use Instant Clear Jel for?

Instant Clear Jel is an amazing food starch that thickens foods instantly without cooking. Use it in cold drinks and pie fillings. It is recommended that Instant Clear Jel be thoroughly blended with sugar or other dry ingredients before it is added to liquids in order to prevent lumping and to insure smoothness. via

How do you thicken clear gel?

- Thicken sauces, stews, gravies. To use Clear Jel in a hot dish such as gravy, first mix a small amount in cold water, then add gradually to the hot liquid, mixing constantly. Or, mix everything together while cold, and then heat and stir to thicken. via

Can I use Instant Clear Jel in canning?

For canning, you want to stick with regular Clear Jel – Not instant. Instant Clear Jel will thicken foods without heat and is good for cooking up a quick, room-temperature sauce, etc. But it does not work as well for canning because it breaks down when heated for long periods of time. via

Is it safe to use Clear Jel?

Yes, regular (cook type) Clear Jel® is required for canning, not instant. The instant type of Clear Jel® does not require heat while regular does. Instant Clear Jel® is freezer stable, thus popular but not necessary when freezing pie filling. via

How long does clear gel last?

ClearJel 'Clear Gel' shelf life

Kept cool and dry it will last for one year. via

Can you use Clear Gel for jelly?

Clear Jel is not for jam and jelly, and it is not for jello. It is mainly for thickening pie fillings. If you are just making a fresh pie, you can use several different things to thicken that pie: You can use cornstarch, tapioca, or flour. via

Can Clear Jel be used for jelly?

The jam may be frozen or processed in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes. and jellies and 3-4 tbsp of Clear Jel® for the pectin in freezer jam recipes. via

What is Instant Clear Jel made from?

Clear Jel is a waxy maize or corn starch that has been modified to resist break down under high temperatures and different pH levels. Therefore, it is an ideal thickening agent and is widely used commercially. via

Is Knox Gelatin clear gel?

Knox® Unflavoured Gelatine contains only 6 calories per serving (or 25 calories per envelope) and can easily be used to prepare "lower-in-calorie" recipes. A clear or simple gel is a basic juice or broth mixture. Solids may be added after the mixture has chilled to "the consistency of unbeaten egg whites". via

What are the ingredients in Instant Clear Jel?

Instant ClearJel information and Uses. INSTANT CLEARJEL is a pre-gelatinized, modified food starch derived from waxy maize. It has good heat and acid tolerance making it well suited for applications containing acid or those that require cooking or baking. via

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