How To Use Comet Cleaner

Comet® Cleaner with Bleach Powder To Clean and Deodorize: For most problems, sprinkle Comet® on wet surface or sponge, let sit for 15 seconds, rub, and rinse. Note: On delicate surfaces like plastic, imitation marble, and appliance enamel, use plenty of water, rub gently, and rinse. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. via

Can you use Comet to clean a bathtub?

Do not use abrasive cleaners like Comet, Ajax or Soft Scrub, because they can cause irreversible damage to the acrylic tub liner, Stone says. via

How do I clean my shower with Comet? (video)

Is Comet a good cleaner?

Silica-Based Powdered Cleansers

There are many powdered cleansers on the market, and they clean well because they contain abrasives that scrub dirt and grime from surfaces. Keep in mind that silica-based cleansers like Comet or Ajax will scratch porcelain, so you need to be careful where you use them. via

Can I use Comet to clean my sink?

Sprinkle the Comet into both basins. Moisten a normal dish sponge with water then make a paste with the Comet. Wipe this paste over the entire surface of your sink and the faucet. Let the paste sit for 10 minutes. via

What is the best thing to clean a bathtub with?

Combine 2 parts vinegar and 1 part water in a spray bottle and spray the entire bathtub. Allow this soaking solution to sit in the tub for 15-20 minutes. For tough stains: place a towel soaked in a vinegar and baking soda paste or hydrogen peroxide onto the stain(s) and allow the towel to sit for up to 1-hour. via

How do you get rid of Comet residue?

  • Pour vinegar and salt in the bottom of the tank. Use the scrubbing pad approved for fish tanks to scrub the tank.
  • Rinse the tank with cold water. Continue rinsing out the tank until you remove the salt from the tank.
  • Pour vinegar and water in the tank.
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    How long do you let Comet sit?

  • For Household Use.
  • To Disinfect Non-Porous Surfaces: Sprinkle Comet on wet surface, rub gently to cleanse, let stand 5 minutes, and rinse.
  • To disinfect toilet bowls: flush, sprinkle 4oz.
  • To Clean: For most problems, sprinkle Comet on wet surface or sponge, let sit for 15 seconds, rub and rinse.
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    Why pour dish soap in bathtub at night?

    The scrubbing action of the bristles and the grease-cutting action of the dish soap will break up any soap scum, mildew, and other residues that may have built up in your bathtub. via

    Can you mix Comet and bleach?

    Mixing cleaning products containing bleach or other oxygenates (such as Comet) with products that contain ammonia or acid is dangerous. The P&G Comet MSDS specifically warns to: "Avoid contact with acids and ammonia." via

    What can I use instead of Comet cleaner?

    Homemade All-natural Simple Scrub {My Comet Cleaner Replacement}

  • Baking soda. Helps to scrub and break down spots or stains as well as deodorize.
  • Baby Oxiclean. Sterilizes and whitens.
  • Epsom salt. Adds scrubbing power.
  • Citric acid. Helps to break down more stubborn spots.
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    What do you clean Comet with? (video)

    Does Comet bathroom cleaner have bleach in it?

    Bathroom Cleaner With Disinfectant is a non-abrasive, bleach-free disinfectant that penetrates and dissolves soap scum and hard water film while it cleans. via

    Can you use Comet on stainless sink?

    Abrasive cleaners like Comet and Ajax - as well as abrasive sponges and scouring pads (steel wool, copper, etc.) - will scratch stainless steel, marring its finish. With steel wool, tiny fibers can lodge their way into the sink and begin to rust, making things even worse. via

    Is Bar Keepers Friend the same as Comet?

    While Comet, Ajax and other household cleaners are bleach-based and alkaline, Bar Keepers Friend is an acidic cleaner. On the other hand, the composition of BKF Cleanser actually cleans and polishes stainless steel surfaces. It is endorsed and recommended by major stainless steel manufacturers. via

    Can you use toilet bowl cleaner in kitchen sink?

    Toilet Bowl Cleaner Used on Other Fixtures

    Like drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaner contains highly corrosive chemicals. The strong chemicals could damage or destroy the finish on your bathtub or other fixtures such as a sink, and can also damage grout. via

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