How To Say Thank You In Chamorro

Si Yu’os ma’åse’ This the most common way to say “thank you” in Chamorro. The phrase itself differs from that of its English counterpart. What the phrase is really doing is asking God to be merciful to the person providing the service or gift. via

What does Si Yu OS MA ASE mean?

Si Yu'os Ma'ase means thank you in Chamorro, the language of the people of Guam and the Northern Marianas (CNMI). It is also much more than that, because while it translates to a thank you, it is also a phrase that wishes God's grace upon an individual when spoken or told to. via

What is welcome Chamorro?

Buen Prubechu! You're welcome! In Chamorro, the way to say “you're welcome” is buen prubechu. The phrase comes directly from the Spanish buen provecho. via

How do you say good bye in Chamorro? (video)

How do you say beautiful in Chamorro?

“Beautiful” in Chamorro

When saying that someone is beautiful, you would say bunita for females and bunitu for males. NOTE: The word bunitu , from Spanish bonito, is often used as a general term to describe things as beautiful or pretty. via

How do you say you are in Chamorro?

And, if you're the one asked “how are you” in Chamorro, you might answer with one of the following: Mamaolek ha' yu'. via

How do you say God bless you in Chamorro?

bendision | Chamorro Dictionary

a blessing. From Spanish bendicion, meaning blessing. via

What does Hafa Adai mean in Chamorro?

The Chamorro phrase of the day is "Hafa Adai!" (pronounced as Half A Day), which means hi or hello. "Hafa Adai!" is used the same way as the word "Aloha" in the Hawaiian Islands. Thanks to Ms. via

How do you say family in Chamorro?

Familia [Family] (Chamorro) via

How do you say I miss you in Chamorro?

To say “I miss you” in Chamorro, you say “Mahålang yu' nu hågu.” I miss you = mahålang yu' nu hågu. I miss you very much. = gof mahålang yu' nu hågu. via

How do you say tired in Chamorro?

mahgef | Chamorro Dictionary

Tired (physically); become tired; weary; made tired by doing something for too long. via

What does Bonita mean in Chamorro?

bonita. pronunciation. meaning. Type of fish--caesio caerulaureus (family lutjanidae). Snapper. via

What is Bonita in Chamorro?

What does Bonita mean in Chamorro? bunita | Chamorro Dictionary Feminine form of Spanish bonito, meaning pretty. via

How do you say life in Chamorro?

lina'la' | Chamorro Dictionary

Life; existence; living being. Nominalization of Chamorro word la'la', meaning "to be alive" or "to survive". Makkat i lina'la'. via

What does Tirow mean?

Fáárágh is "walking" and is also commonly used for "to travel" Phrases: Welcome. Tirow. How are you? via

What is the proper response to Hafa Adai?

Though written as a-d-a-i, in the greeting, the word is often pronounced simply as “day”. To tell someone håfa adai you would say “huh-fah-day”. via

Why do people say half a day in Guam?

"Hafa Adai" (pronounced HALF A DAY) is "Hello" in Chamorro, the native language of Guam and the islands of the Northern Marianas. It's basically used the same way as the word "Aloha" in the Hawaiian Islands. Because Dave was born on Guam, this has always been a phrase that we have loved! via

Does Guam have a flag?

A dark blue background with a thin red border and the Seal of Guam in the center. The flag of the United States territory of Guam was adopted on February 9, 1948. The territorial flag is dark blue with a narrow red border on all sides (border was a later addition). via

What is daughter in Chamorro?

Haga' means “blood” in Chamorro and haga means “daughter.” This beautifully reflects the matrilineal nature of Chamorro society where land and heritage is given and traced through your mother, and where women have the ultimate respect. via

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