How To Reprogram Pcm On Chevy


How do I reset my Chevy PCM?

Select "PCM" from the scan tool's main menu. Choose "codes," then select "clear all current and stored DTCs." DTC is an acronym from diagnostic trouble code. Wait for the scan tool to confirm that the codes have been cleared. Disconnect the scan tool from the vehicle and start the engine. via

How do I reprogram a GM PCM?

  • Use your web browser to go to GM's calibration look-up website, and type in your vehicle's VIN number to check for any programming updates to your PCM.
  • Turn on your computer and plug the scan tool into it and your vehicle, using the pass-through cable.
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    Why would a PCM need to be reprogrammed?

    PCM Reprogramming is also necessary to change the engine idle speed, spark timing, fuel mixture or other emission control functions. PCM Reprogramming may be required to resolve a hot or cold starting issue, idle roughness, stalling, or an emissions failure. via

    Can you get a PCM reprogrammed?

    Reprogramming a PCM requires a J2534 Pass Thru device.

    Only 2004 and newer vehicles can be reprogrammed. A pass thru device is quite literally a box that acts as a translator, allowing the PCM to communicate with a Microsoft Windows operating system. via

    How do you reset PCM?

  • Open the hood of the vehicle.
  • Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery. Use a wrench to loosen the lock nut, and pull the cable off. This cuts the power to the PCM. Wait for five minutes.
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    How do you troubleshoot a PCM?

  • Locate your vehicle's PCM.
  • Look specifically at the wiring harness.
  • Locate your vehicle's diagnostic data port.
  • Connect your OBD-II scanner to the diagnostic data port.
  • Push your key into the vehicle's ignition cylinder.
  • Watch the OBD-II device's read-out screen for the codes.
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    How much does it cost to reprogram a PCM?

    Prices could range from $80 to $150, depending on the service location you choose. The process takes around about half an hour, but keep in mind that most auto-electricians charge you for at least one hour of work. PCM reprogramming is also one of the few times we'll recommend a dealership over an independent mechanic. via

    Can a PCM be repaired?

    PCMs are not rebuilt in the same way that alternators and water pumps because there are no mechanical parts that wear out. Remanufacturing in this case usually means testing the computer, isolating and repairing any faults that may be found, then retesting the computer to make sure everything works correctly. via

    Does a used ECM need to be reprogrammed?

    While it's built to last, it needs to be reprogrammed to ensure that everything is functioning optimally. Several parts may experience wear due to constant friction, and engine parts may loosen because of vibrations. via

    Can you drive with a bad PCM?

    A failed PCM or TCM can cause the car to get stuck in gear, which can be a serious safety issue. It can also lead to costly transmission damage. via

    Will a bad PCM throw a code?

    The PCM should give you a code for P0600 through P0606 indicating that the computer has a processor error. However, if the PCM is corrupt, then just like a desktop computer, there is no accessing anything and no codes are put out for the computer would have no way of sending a signal. via

    How do you know if a PCM relay is bad?

    The failed PCM relay will turn off the dashboard lights and other key safety warning lights that are normally illuminated when you turn the key in the ignition. Furthermore, and more importantly, the vehicle will usually be unable to start and it might be impossible to turn the key. via

    How do I update my PCM?

    You can update your car's PCM yourself, however, with the right scan tool and the updated PCM software. Obtain the PCM software specific to your make and model -- you can download this software online from the vehicle maker's website, or you can order a CD with the software on it. via

    How do you test a PCM?

    You need to check the sensors that are connected to your PCM, as well as the wires that connect them. If you're seeing a PCM code – or two, or three – it can really help you narrow in on which sensors or wires are faulty. Perform a visual inspection of these wires, as well as checking them with a multimeter. via

    What's the difference between a PCM and ECM?

    The main difference between the two is that the ECM controls specific parts of the engine, regulating and sending commands. While the PCM is used in newer models to control almost all engine functions. via

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