How To Repair A Roll Top Desk Tambour


How do you fix a roll top desk?

  • Open the roll-top portion of the desk to expose screws that hold the top to the base of the desk.
  • Lift the roll-top lid off the desk.
  • Spread a new piece of canvas or tambour cloth over the work surface, if needed, and set the old tambour atop it.
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    How do you fix a stick top on a desk that sticks?

    Try reducing any high spots, using a chisel for the grooves, a wood rasp for the slats and a low-angled block plane for trimming end grain. Try another fitting, and if the tambour now moves more comfortably, rub paraffin along the edges to make for a smoother run. While the tambour is out, inspect its backing. via

    What is Tambour glue?

    This special formula tambour glue is a commercial grade adhesive. It is formulated for the furniture industry and is ideal for gluing the cotton cloth/twill tape backing to tambour door slats. This multi-purpose adhesive is flexible when cured and can be used for bonding wood, leather, cloth and other porous materials. via

    How roll top desks work?

    The rolltop desk is simply a "pedestal desk"--a top set on two columns of drawers--with a top case added. All rolltop desks have a three-sided cabinet that has tracks routed along the top and front edges of each side, lined with metal or plastic so that the roll part, or "tambour," will slide easily. via

    Can you remove the top of a roll top desk?

    Modernize an old desk by removing the roll top. Cut from bottom to top, stopping about 2 inches shy of the top lip of the desk to saw across and remove the strip. Break up the remaining strips of of wood, including the thickest strip at end, from the top of the roll top. via

    Do roll top desk come apart?

    A rolltop desk has a wide variety of moving parts including the drawers and the actual roll top cover. If your roll top desk is a model that comes apart in two pieces (a bottom half and a top half), separate the two sections before attempting to move. via

    How do you unlock a roll top desk without a key?

  • Unbend one metal paperclip, turning it into a long, thin tool for picking your desk lock.
  • Slide your paperclip back into the lock, running it across the top of the lock.
  • Push a second paperclip or a screwdriver into the lock.
  • Insert your paperclip back into the lock.
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    How do you replace a roll top desk?

    Open the roll-top portion of the desk, looking inside for straps or screws which hold the top onto the rest of the desk. Remove the screws with a slotted screwdriver. Lift the roll-top portion of the desk and slide out the tambour, or slatted door, setting it cloth-side up on top of the replacement cloth. via

    What is the top of a roll top desk called?

    Rolltop desk, desk with a sliding roll top, or tambour, that encloses the working surface of the upper part and can be locked. via

    How do you make tambour slats? (video)

    How do you repair a tambour door? (video)

    What had damaged the roll top desk?

    Fire and water had damaged the desk before the author found it and bought it. via

    Can I paint a roll top desk?

    Apply a light coat of primer to the desk, using a medium paint brush and working from the top down. Keep the roll top in its hidden position so you can paint the desk's inside and the bottom piece of the roll top. Apply primer to the drawer fronts, moving the brush from side to side. Allow the primer to dry. via

    How old is my roll top desk?

    Double-check the knee-hole, both sides of the bottom of the main drawer and the back of both the desk and its top. Finding a label lets you confirm age from a commercial history. via

    How do you take apart a desk?

  • Your desk is now ready to be disassembled for moving.
  • DISENGAGE any detachable trays – for example, a keyboard tray.
  • UNSCREW and remove any legs from the desk.
  • REMOVE any glass elements that your desk may have, including a glass top.
  • SEPARATE the two sections in case you're moving an L-shaped desk.
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    How do I remove a desk hutch?

  • Remove any lift-out shelves and place them to one side.
  • Loosen and remove any screws holding the shelves to the desk, working from the top down.
  • Remove the drawers from the desk and place them to one side.
  • Remove any remaining screws holding the desk hutch together.
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