How To End Zipcar Reservation


How do I end my Zipcar?

To do so, you must call Zipcar's customer support line at 1-866-494-7227 and tell the representative that you want to close your account. via

How much does it cost to cancel Zipcar?

There is no charge if you cancel or shorten your reservation with the required advance notice, but if you don't cancel or shorten within the required timeframe, you're responsible for the full amount of the reservation. via

When can you cancel a Zipcar reservation?

To be eligible for a full refund, you need to cancel your reservation: Within 30 minutes after creating a booking. At least three hours in advance for reservations shorter than eight hours. Up to a day in advance for any booking longer than eight hours. via

Can I end Zipcar early?

Returning a Zipcar early. You are always able to return the Zipcar early. Just leave it at its home location, clean and with at least 1/4 tank of gas, and ready for the next member. You can use either your Zipcard or mobile app to lock the doors. via

Can I drop Zipcar anywhere?

Flex is our one-way service, where you can pick up and drop cars anywhere in the Zipzone so long as it complies with our parking rules where you are ending your trip. More information can be found on parking rules here. via

Does Zipcar pay for gas?

We are happy to pay for gas, but we count on members to fuel the vehicles. Every Zipcar has a gas card in the visor above the driver's seat that should be used when fueling the vehicle. Your Zipcar needs to be left with at least 1/4 tank of gas, no matter how much it had at the start of the reservation. via

How long can you keep a Zipcar?

You can reserve a Zipcar for as little as one hour or as long as 14 days at a time. Reservations can be made in half-hour increments. When booking, keep in mind that your Zipcar is available for others to reserve before and after your reservation. via

Is Zipcar good for long trips?

Planning on a road trip? Careful—Zipcar caps mileage, and the fees are a hefty 55 cents per mile if you go over. Zipcar's model really works best for short trips of an hour or two—where it doesn't make sense to pay $35 or so for a car just to run errands. via

Can I freeze my ZipCar account?

Canceling Zipcar membership on your own

Log into your account. Choose Account Settings & Information from the dropdown menu. Select Close my account from the second dropdown menu. Click on Submit a Request. via

What happens if you go over 180 miles in ZipCar?

Regardless of how many hours you need the car for, ZipCar allows you to drive up to 180 miles at no additional charge. Should you need to drive a longer distance, you'll need to pay 45 cents per additional mile you put on the car. In some cases, premium vehicles cost 55 cents for each mile over 180 miles. via

Can I sue ZipCar?

The answer is: “Probably not.” Assuming the accident was the fault of the ZipCar driver, you would pursue a claim or file a lawsuit against the at fault driver. Essentially, pursuing a case against a ZipCar driver is the same as pursuing any other car accident caused by a negligent driver. via

Do I have to pay for parking with Zipcar?

When you've finished your reservation make sure that you return your Zipcar to its dedicated parking bay. During your reservation you are able to park in other areas however if you're stopping over in a car park or space that requires a fee, you're responsible for paying. via

Can I use Zipcar without my zipcard?

If you joined Zipcar after May 1, 2020 in the United States, you do not need your Zipcard to get out and drive. Download the Zipcar iPhone® or Android™ app to book a trip, access vehicle location details, and unlock your Zipcar. If you need a Zipcard for your trip, first check that your mailing address is up to date. via

Can I drive Zipcar to another state?

Zipcars cannot be driven from the US or Canada to any other country. Violation of this policy will result in termination of the Zipcar membership. via

How much does it cost to use a Zipcar?

Affordable for Many Trips

Zipcar is often more affordable than its competition. Though prices vary slightly by location, a typical weekday reservation costs between $7 and $10 per hour, or between $60 and $90 per day. via

How do I get gas reimbursement for Zipcar?

From the Zipcar iPhone® or Android™ app, open the Drive screen and select Report to notify us of vehicle issues. If you can, please pay for fuel on your own and submit your receipts to be reimbursed. via

Do I need to refuel Zipcar?

Refuelling your Zipcar during your booking

Nobody can run on empty - our vehicles are no exception! So always leave at least 1/4 tank. Please note that you are not required to refuel if you are driving a Flex vehicle. via

Is Zipcar cheaper than Uber?

If you plan on getting behind the wheel only a couple of times a week for an hour at a time, a Zipcar membership is your cheapest option at an average cost of $1,236 a year. Surprisingly, buying a car works out as the next cheapest option at $7,805, with Uber costing you a whopping $8,971.20 a year. via

Does Zipcar do a credit check?

Companies such as Zipcar will allow you to rent their cars, at a higher daily fee, without a deposit. They will also run a credit check, but they may not be as strict with credit requirements as some traditional rental agencies, and, for anyone coming out of bankruptcy, that's a plus. via

Can you smoke in Zipcar?

There is no smoking allowed in Zipcars, as smoke or other strong scents can impact the health of other members. Pets are only allowed in Zipcars if they are kept in carriers, as pet hair can cause an allergic reaction for other members. via

Is ZipCar a ripoff?

Conclusion. No one wants to have a bad customer experience and what's the point of using a service when it's just bad. I probably wouldn't recommend zipcar to anyone due to their poor services but they are actually legit. via

Is ZipCar worth it 2020?

It is definitely worth pointing out Zipcar only offers secondary protection, meaning the driver is still liable out-of-pocket for damage costs. The company does offer additional protection: Limited coverage starts at an additional $5 per month, or $50 per year; full coverage starts at $9 per month, or $79 per year. via

How do I remove my credit card from Zipcar?

Sign into your account here. Scroll down to my payment information. Click edit next to your credit card. Enter your new card information and click update. via

How do I upgrade my Zipcar account?

On your account page, under my membership, click change my plan. View available options and select. The next membership fee date will be listed under my membership. This is the date that your new membership plan will go into effect. via

Can you drop off Zipcar different city?

Zipcar is a return service, so Zipcar must be returned to the same place you originally picked it up. If your location has multiple Zipcar parking spaces, you can park at any available Zipcar location. Remember to unlock with your app or postcard to complete the journey. via

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