How To Cancel Your Blue Apron Account


How do you cancel your Blue Apron account?

If you decide to cancel your account, contact our Customer Experience team at [email protected], and we'll email you instructions on how to complete the cancellation process. via

Can you cancel Blue Apron anytime?

There's no minimum commitment, so you're welcome to skip a meal or cancel your subscription at any time. Please note that all account changes need to be made by the 'Changeable Before' date reflected on your Upcoming page and Account Settings. via

How far in advance cancel Blue Apron?

Customers have up to six days before a week's delivery to cancel a Blue Apron account. After that, the week's subscription is already being processed, and you cannot cancel Blue Apron for that week. via

How do I cancel my plates?

To deactivate your Account, please call EveryPlate Customer Care at (973) 210-4915 use Live Chat on stating that you wish to terminate your account, along with your full name and registered email address. via

Is there a cancellation fee for Blue Apron?

You can cancel or skip your Blue Apron subscription at any time by contacting Blue Apron's Customer Experience team at [email protected] Keep in mind, there is no cancellation fee to pause your subscription and you can resubscribe at anytime. You can also skip as many deliveries as you like at no charge. via

Can you skip weeks on Blue Apron?

You can skip upcoming scheduled deliveries up to 5 weeks in advance! A pop-up window will give you the option to change your delivery day for the week, change your delivery's address, or skip the order. To skip, select 'Skip This Delivery' via

Can I cancel Blue Apron after free trial?

Option 2: Call Blue Apron's customer service number

Call 888-278-4349. Explain that you wish to cancel your account after receiving your free trial. via

Are Blue Apron meals frozen?

The Blue Apron website states that the ingredients may stay fresh for a week, however, they recommend cooking seafood/shellfish first to maintain freshness. We noticed the beef instructed us to cook or freeze within five days. via

Are services like Blue Apron worth it?

For individuals and couples. For individuals and couples, Blue Apron may be worth the price if you want to save time on meal planning and grocery shopping, don't mind leftovers, and would otherwise spend money dining out, which would be more expensive in most cases. via

Can you return blue apron?

If you're unsatisfied with a product, we'll gladly provide a full refund on all items returned (excluding food, wine, and Gift Cards) within 30 days of receipt as long as it's in its original packaging and condition. via

What day of the week does blue apron deliver?

Please note that delivery windows are as follows: Business addresses – (Monday-Friday) 9AM-5PM. Residential addresses – (Monday-Friday) 9AM-8PM, with Saturday delivery available in select zip codes. via

How do you cancel orders on eBay?

In Seller Hub, go to Orders; or in My eBay, go to Sold. Find the transaction you want to cancel, and from More actions, select Cancel this order. Choose a reason for the cancellation and then select Continue to finish. via

How much per month is Blue Apron?

Blue Apron plans start at $9.99 per serving and $7.99 in shipping if you opt for three recipes that feed two people a week, totaling around $68. via

How often does Blue Apron?

Does Blue Apron charge weekly? Your payment information will be charged approximately 3 to 5 days before your delivery date, unless you decide to skip an order prior to the cutoff date. via

What kind of meals do you get with Blue Apron?

There are only six meals to choose from, and while the dishes themselves change each week, there still isn't a ton of variety. Every new menu has one chicken dish, one seafood dish, one salad dish, one soup/stew/chili dish and one that is either pork or beef. via

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