How To Build A Zipline In Your Backyard


Are backyard ziplines safe?

Backyard zip line kits sold online and in stores also have been linked to injuries. Earlier this year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled a backyard zip line kit because of a design flaw that made it easy for the cable to separate from the line, causing riders to fall. via

How do you make a zipline in your backyard without trees? (video)

Do ziplines ever break?

Yes, zip lines can break, but it's usually not without warning. As many as seven cables may be attached to make one zip line, and each of those cables has smaller cables. Before they snap, the smaller cables wear down. Ziplining staff members will see the signs of wear and tear and replace the line before your ride. via

How much does it cost to buy a zipline?

Most basic zip lines are about 60-150 feet long and have weight ratings up to 250 pounds. These zipline rides typically cost $2,000 to $8,000 once you add a launch platform, but can be higher if we have significant travel to your location. via

How do you secure a zipline to a tree?

The most common way to attach a zip line to a tree is via cable sling. What is a cable sling? It is designed to wrap around the backside of a tree with the two loops connecting to a turnbuckle or the rest of the zip line cable. via

Can you have a zipline without trees?

There are few things to look out for when installing a zip line with no trees. Be sure you have at least 7 feet clearance all around the zip line ride. Also, to reiterate, be sure the post is secure in the ground! If you have a backyard that has loose soil or sand, be sure to consult someone! via

Has anyone died on a zipline?

There have been fatal zip-line crashes in the U.S., including two in Utah, one in Delaware and two in Hawaii, between 2011 and 2016, according to Cowles' lawsuit. via

Can you slow yourself down on a zipline?

Some ziplines are built with using a more slack line that allows gravity to slow the rider before they reach the end. Other tours may give you gloves and teach you to slow yourself down by pressing on the cable to stop. via

What's the weight limit on zipline?

Generally speaking, zip-line riders should be between 60 and 275 pounds. Some courses have limits on waist circumference as well. Ask your operator about his or her course's specific restrictions. via

How can I make my zipline faster?

If your zip line ride as a whole is a bit slow, tightening your turnbuckle just might do the trick. If it's running a little fast and you have some room to adjust, try giving it some slack. Altitude: The tension of a zip line cable directly affects the height at which a rider will travel above the ground. via

How much does it cost to start a zip line business?

A simple zip line can cost $5,000 or more to design and build. Adding a climbing wall can cost almost $40 a square foot. Unlike many businesses, a challenge course is potentially dangerous. That means that a well-trained staff is essential. via

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