How Much Is An Old Cedar Chest Worth


How much is a used cedar chest worth?

Online auction sites, antique shops and secondhand stores often sell Lane cedar chests -- based on their age, condition or rarity -- starting at $99 and as high as $700 or more for older chests. But most chests, on average, are valued between $200 and $400. via

How can you tell if a cedar chest is antique?

Examine the cedar chest for a maker's mark or company name. In antique chests or newer high-quality chests, this mark is usually burned or stamped onto the wood; a few may have a paper tag. In the case of newer low-quality chests, there may be a sticker. via

How do you date a cedar chest? (video)

What can I do with an old cedar chest?

18 Fantastic and Creative Ways Uses for a Cedar Chest

  • Coffee table. Coffee tables provide the perfect spot to rest your cup of Joe while relaxing after a long day.
  • Nightstand for a Bedroom. Nightstands are ever so handy!
  • TV Console.
  • End of the Bed.
  • Entry Way.
  • A Catch-all – Organization Space.
  • Resilient Storage.
  • Window Seat.
  • via

    Can a cedar chest be refinished?

    However, as they move from household to household and generation to generation, cedar chests can become worn, scratched or coated in paint and other finishes. Refinishing a cedar chest brings back the natural beauty of the wood and can be accomplished in a few easy steps. via

    Do they still make Lane cedar chests?

    The last Lane cedar chest to be manufactured in the United States rolled off the production line in the summer of 2001, and the plant closed for good. via

    Are old chests worth anything?

    With the above information in consideration the average American made trunk is worth about 100 to 300 depending on the style, size and condition. If fully restored prices can be anywhere from $400 to $900. Most french made trunks will bring over $2,000 or more. via

    How do you clean an old cedar chest?

    Mild Maintenance– Furniture polish and furniture polish rag. Wipe down the exterior, wiping towards the direction of the wood grain. Moderate– Murphy's Oil Soap or White Vinegar (especially if there is mold or mildew spots). Use a lint free cloth, wring out excess moisture and wipe down the exterior. via

    Can you store books in a cedar chest?

    Storing paper is hard enough, especially when you have to care for the ink on that paper. Books have both these problems, and on top of that, all the pages are bound together and touching each other. You cannot stack them up in a cedar chest and expect them to be okay over time. via

    Is cedar toxic?

    Western Red Cedar

    Native to the Pacific Northwest and the original Cedar wood used in traditional Native American cooking. Western Red Cedar is delicious and non-toxic. This is the safest and most recommended for Cedar plank cooking. via

    What year is my cedar chest?

    How old is my cedar chest? Usually Lane cedar chests have serial numbers that are stamped or applied to the bottom of the chests. You can read the serial number BACKWARDS to determine the production date. For example: serial number 753150 would have been produced on 05/13/57. via

    How much does a cedar chest cost?

    Prices start at $595 for a 36" wide Mission chest in solid oak. via

    What can I do with my old chest?

    A vintage trunk can be also turned into a home bar, just renovate or decorate it as you need and then put on some legs of your choice, or put several trunks on each other. Voila! you can use the top or open the chest and place bottles and glasses inside. via

    How do you recover a cedar chest? (video)

    How long does a cedar chest last?

    You can purchase cedar hangers, cedar blocks for moths, and sachets for your clothes and bureaus, but they will be effective for about 3 months. via

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