How Much Does Timber Sell For Per Acre


How much can you make selling timber?

Depending on the type of trees and the market when the timber is sold, you could earn $500 to $2000 per acre (at $1500, you would be looking at $60 per year in income if you were to annualize it over 25 years). via

How do you calculate the value of timber?

To estimate the value of your timber, take the volume, divided by 1,000, and multiply it by the price quoted in your states standing timber stumpage report. via

How much can you make off an acre of pine trees?

Case studies show existing pine stands can earn an average of about $100 to $150 per acre per year. "That doesn't mean you plant the trees and get $100 to $150 a year -- landowners must properly manage the timber, thinning a few times over the 35-year lifespan. via

How much wood is an acre?

Density can be controlled on a plantation-style stand, as the trees are planted in rows to improve access for timberland managers, and the rows result in higher tree density: 7' x 10' rows (trees planted every 7' in rows that are spaced every 10') = roughly 620 trees per acre, and 10' x 10' = roughly 435 trees per acre via

Is now a good time to sell timber?

Market The timber market describes current prices for wood of a specific type, size, and quality. Sometimes the market for certain types of trees is very strong and prices are high. This is the best time to sell timber. via

Is timber a good investment?

Timber has been one of the most consistent investments over time, and a great hedge against inflation. According to value investor Jeremy Grantham, it's risen 3% more than inflation for more than 90 years. Timberland has also beaten the stock market over the long run, and with less volatility. via

Are timber prices up?

Timber pricing has been relatively stable through the pandemic. Compared to lumber prices, which have increase dramatically over the last year, timber prices have only increased in the single digits. However, timber prices are likely headed for a long-term trend due to new demand. via

How much do Loggers get for a tree?

Fallers cut down trees using mobile felling machines and powered chainsaws. They earned a median $21.46 per hour or $44,650 per year as of May 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. via

What timber is worth the most?

Trees used for veneer purposes are the most valuable. Walnut trees are always one of the most demanded trees in the wood industry. Oaks, maples, cherry, and ashes are also valuable trees. A high-quality veneer tree with a large diameter can be worth a lot but they are rare. via

What is a truck load of pine logs worth?

ArboristSite Member

An average trailer load of softwood logs would be around $1,900. Hardwood pulp would be around a thousand. High grade hardwood logs would be much higher. via

Are pine trees a good investment?

Invest for the Long Haul.

Pine trees have been genetically enhanced to grow to maturity faster than ever before. Allowing yourself some flexibility on the length of the investment can pay big dividends if you can time the harvest of your timber sale to correspond with higher market prices. via

How do people make money on timber land?

There are three ways you make money with timberland. There is, of course, the cash flow you earn from harvesting the trees and selling the timber. Then, there is the biological return, the increased value of the trees you haven't harvested as they grow each year. via

How many trees can I plant in one acre?

On average you can expect to plant anywhere from 300-800 trees per acre. Now, this number can be increased or decreased depending on conditions being provided in the area. Some of these include access to water, nutrients, sunlight, and species you are planting. via

How much is a ton of wood?

The current US South hardwood pulpwood average delivered price is $39.36 per ton. Year over year, they have increased $1.70/ton or 4.5 percent from a 2Q2012 average price of $37.66/ton. via

How do you calculate number of trees per acre?

The formula for calculating the trees per acre values within these tables is: Estimated Number of Trees per Acre = 43,560 / [( spacing between trees in feet for direction 1 ) X ( spacing between trees in feet for direction 2 )]. via

What is the best way to sell timber?

You can sell through an “oral auction” where several buyers attend and verbally bid on the trees, or you can request “sealed bids” that allow you to compare several different offers on sale day. In the sealed bid method, buyers get a period of time (usually 4-6 weeks) to inspect the timber and mail you written bids. via

How much is pine worth per ton?

Pine Sawtimber

Pine chip-n-saw prices jumped to $18.02/ton on a Southwide basis, an increase of +8.6 percent. The Mid-South experienced the largest increase of +11.1 percent to $18.20/ton. The East-South increased +5.0 percent to $19.94/ton, but the West-South region dropped -1.8 percent to $13.89/ton. via

What trees are worth money?

Here are ten trees worth growing:

  • Instant shade trees.
  • Flowering dogwood.
  • Thornless locust.
  • Heritage fruit trees.
  • Hybrid chestnut.
  • Black walnut.
  • Bonsai trees.
  • Willow.
  • via

    Is timber a good long-term investment?

    Overall, timber investments outperformed hedge funds, high-yield bonds, corporate bonds, long-term and intermediate U.S. government bonds and U.S. Treasury bills. Timber investments prove less volatile than stocks, private equity, farmland and commercial real estate. via

    Is timber an asset?

    Timber is strictly an asset class for long-term investors rather than speculators seeking a quick buck. Trees generate most of their returns through steady biological growth, and harvesting cycles are typically 15 to 40 years. Also, timber assets are difficult to sell quickly. via

    How long does it take for timber to mature?

    Fast growing – A stand of Douglas fir, for example, takes about 50 years to grow to timber harvest size, while a stand of the same species, grown for Christmas trees can be ready for harvest in 7-8 years. This means growing Christmas trees makes a tree farmer about ten times more profit per acre. via

    Why are lumber prices so high 2020?

    Wood products prices typically fluctuate more than most goods, because homebuilding can move up or down much faster than sawmill capacity can. Lumber and plywood prices are so high now because of the short-run dynamics of demand and supply. Wood demand shot up in the summer of pandemic. via

    Who is making money off lumber?

    The five major companies are Georgia-Pacific, Sierra Pacific Industries, Interfor, Weyerhaeuser and West Fraser. West Fraser bought mills across the regions of the U.S., and that company is now valued at $13 billion and its share price has jumped 250 per cent in the past year. via

    Will timber prices go up in 2021?

    Prices for a standard 1,000 board feet of lumber jumped from $347 to $1,645 between May 2020 and 2021, according to Wells Fargo analysts. He expects prices will continue to rise through the summer, and only begin to recede late in 2021. via

    How do I calculate the value of a tree?

    The formula is: Tree Value = Base Value x Cross-sectional Area x Species Class x Condition Class x Location Class Base Value is the dollar amount assigned to 1 square inch of a tree's trunk cross-sectional area and is typically based on the cost of the largest available replacement plant of the same species. via

    How do I sell a tree for lumber?

    If you're determined to sell your tree, your best option might be to look for an operator who owns a small, portable sawmill. Small operators have less overhead and make their money finding single living or dead high-value trees, then sawing the lumber to specifications attractive to woodworkers and turners. via

    How much is a tree worth for lumber?

    The total volume of the tree would be 225 board feet. The value of this tree would be $195.00 for an average of $866.00 per thousand board feet. A fourteen inch Red Oak with a grade 3 rating would be worth $12.00 for an average price per thousand board feet of $265.00. via

    What is the fastest growing timber tree?

    The Empress Splendor (botanical name Paulownia) is the one of the fastest-growing trees in the world. A hardwood, it can grow 10-20 feet in its first year and reaches maturity within 10 years. via

    What are the requirements of good timber?

    A timber is said to be good based on the following characteristics :

  • Durability.
  • Strength.
  • Permeability.
  • Hardness.
  • Toughness.
  • Elasticity.
  • Workability.
  • Weight.
  • via

    What type of tree is worth the most money?

    African Black Ebony is the most valuable wood in the world. A large, old growth tree could be worth a million dollars, but the last of these was probably cut down more than 50 years ago. via

    Are large pine trees worth anything?

    Pine trees in a yard are not worth anything for lumber compared to what they are worth for shade and aesthetics. The value of pine trees in the forest or in a plantation can be appraised by a Consulting Forester. Pine timber generally sells for less than ten cents per board foot. So, a big pine tree might be worth $30. via

    How much is White Pine worth?

    If a 300-foot old growth White Pine was found today it could be worth $30,000 or more. via

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