How Much Does Thredup Pay For Clothes

If your clothes are in great condition but offseason, the site consigns them and pays you after they sell. ThredUp pay: 5 to 80 percent of the anticipated selling price. (The more valuable the item, the higher your percentage.) ThredUp commission: 20 to 95 percent of the selling price. via

What brands does thredUP pay the most for?

Brands include:

  • Gucci satchel.
  • Louis Vuitton shoulder bag.
  • Tory Burch backpack.
  • Michael Kors leather satchel.
  • Madewell leather bag.
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    Can you make any money on thredUP?

    If you have high-quality items and want a convenient consignment experience, thredUP might be the answer you're looking for. The app doesn't necessarily pay a lot, but you can earn money from thredUP as opposed to donating your items via an establishment like Goodwill, where you wouldn't be paid anything. via

    How does thredUP payout?

    If you'd prefer not to use your earnings towards a thredUP purchase, they can be cashed out via PayPal or Stripe direct deposit. Simply visit our Cash Out, select your preferred method of cashing out, and type in all the necessary information. Please also note that thredUP does not offer cash or checks at this time. via

    What does thredUP do with unsold clothes?


    And how about this, after your item does not sell on consignment within the allotted period, then thredUP just owns it and can sell it for its own monetary gain. Items are not then donated to charity. via

    What is the secret to selling on poshmark?

    The number one secret to selling on Poshmark is to take quality photos of the items that you're selling. If you can, I highly recommend modeling the items on yourself, or someone else, to show what the item actually looks like on the body. Clothes on a hanger can sometimes be deceiving and less appealing to the eye. via

    Is poshmark really worth it?

    Though it has its drawbacks, I would certainly recommend Poshmark for the right situations. Due to the high, flat-rate shipping cost, Posh isn't the best for items worth $15 or under. This counts out low-quality brands and heavily used items. via

    What is thredUP looking for?

    “ThredUP wants your stylish, high-quality & gently used clothes that are freshly laundered, brand name women's and children's clothing, handbags and shoes in like-new condition.” Of all the clothes that I sent to ThredUP, a whopping 40% of them were either brand new or worn less than 7 times*. via

    What does thredUP pay for Lululemon?

    Let's look at this example to answer: If you have a pair of Lululemon Athletica casual pants to sell, ThredUP will pay you about $7 if they accept them. If you sell them on eBay or Poshmark, you'll probably make closer to $25 – $30. via

    How do I get the most out of thredUP?

  • Look frequently.
  • Start with shoes.
  • Stick with brands you know.
  • Shop with a goal in mind.
  • Use the filters.
  • Buy higher-end than you might normally.
  • Try things on twice (or three times).
  • Return things that don't fit.
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    How long is thredUP payout?

    You can expect to earn 5% to 80% of the anticipated selling price (the price the item will sell for on thredUP) Earnings are available immediately in your thredUP account. Earnings may be used immediately to shop on, or cashed out via PayPal or a thredUP Visa Prepaid Card after 14 days. via

    Are thredUP clothes clean?

    Are ThredUp Clothes Washed? Unfortunately, clothes are not washed at ThredUp. A lot of people wonder if you can get bed bugs from these unwashed clothes. via

    How long does it take to sell on thredUP?

    According to the thredUP website, it takes 1-3 weeks for your Clean Out bag to be processed and have your items listed online. In my experience, it can sometimes take even longer. via

    What happens if your stuff doesn't sell on ThredUp?

    If the consignment item does not sell within this timeframe, you will have an additional 14 days to reclaim your item. If you do not reclaim your item within the 14 days, the item becomes the property of thredUP. If the item is returned, your consignment window will be extended so that your item has more time to sell. via

    Is ThredUp a good company?

    For me, thredUP is a once a year treat for a vacation, special event, or because I hate all my clothes. Their prices are higher than Goodwill (which is pretty expensive itself nowadays) but 1000% worth it for the quality and ease of use. That's why I so highly recommend it. via

    Where can I drop off my ThredUp bag?

    Drop the bag off at any FedEx Office or USPS location. Once your bag is received at our warehouse, we'll evaluate each item based on our quality standards. We'll send you an email detailing which items were accepted and your payout will be in Reformation credit. via

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