How Much Does Macy’s Pay


What does Macy's pay per hour?

Macy's Salary FAQs

The average Macy's hourly pay ranges from approximately $11 per hour for a Sales Associate- Women's Shoes to $32 per hour for an Account Coordinator. via

What does Macy's pay employees?

The average pay range for a MACY Retail Sales Associate varies greatly (as much as $14,255), which suggests there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location and years of experience. via

How much does Macy pay retail sales associates?

How much does a Retail Sales Associate at Macy's make? The typical Macy's Retail Sales Associate salary is $12 per hour. Retail Sales Associate salaries at Macy's can range from $8 - $24 per hour. via

Does Macy's get paid weekly?

Macy's employees get paid weekly. Time-and-a-half+a premium pay if your core, and you work the holiday. If you do not-if you are not scheduled and are core... via

How long is Macy hiring process?

1) Most candidates either apply online or through a recruiter and the process typically takes one to two weeks. Chances are, if the hiring manager approves your application, they'll ask you to come to one of the nearest store locations for a face-to-face interview. via

Does Macy's have a dress code?

Buisness casual but no jeans. No jeans at Macy's unless you are in the Juniors Dept. Slacks/nice pants/leggings, and a blouse will do, or a dress. via

Does Macys drug test?

Does Macy's drug test seasonal employees? Yes and there are random drug test done throughout the year. via

What retail job pays the most?

Top 15 Highest Paying Retail Jobs

  • Customer Service Supervisor.
  • Regional Loss Prevention Manager.
  • Customer Service Manager.
  • Retail Account Manager.
  • Store Manager.
  • General Manager.
  • Regional Manager.
  • Retail Franchise Owner.
  • via

    What benefits do Macy employees get?

    Macy's Flexible Benefits Include Health Benefits, Employee Discount, Work-Life Balance, Retirement Benefits and more! via

    What is Macy's dress code for employees?

    The dress code is business wear. Not to flashy and no jeans. Closed toed shoes and nothing baggy. Other than that you could wear anything. via

    Do Macy's sales associates get commission?

    Macy's sales associates make 8 percent commission, according to Springer. Macy's has tried to combat the problem by letting associates complete online transactions for customers so they still get commission. via

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