How Much Do Aflac Agents Get Paid

First-year Aflac agents who hit every bonus benchmark wind up earning $13,700 in bonuses alone. But even first-year agents who don’t hit every benchmark have ample bonus potential. For example, you open two new accounts totaling $15,000 in annualized premiums within your first eight weeks, you will earn a $1,200 bonus. 1 via

How do Aflac insurance agents get paid?

Once you've been an Aflac agent for two years, you're 50% vested in renewal commissions, meaning that you could leave Aflac and still get 50% of your renewal commissions. After five years of service, that vested percentage goes to 75%; after 10, you're 100% vested. via

Is Aflac All commission?

Agents and other "field" employees are ALL commission, headquarters, call centers are hourly, or salary. Positions at Aflac Headquarters and Call Centers are not commission based. via

Does Aflac pay salary or commission?

Commission only and sell to your friends and family. via

Does Aflac have base pay?

There is no base pay. via

Is selling Aflac insurance a good career?

If you don't mind cold calling and you are a real go-getter this job might be for you. Aflac and some of its agents say that if you do your job well, you can easily be in a 6 figure income in 10 years' time and retire on your commission alone and never have to sell another policy ever. via

Is Aflac a good company to work for?

Great Company to work for

Aflac is an amazing company to work for, with a great culture. You need to make sure you are willing to work, go out and meet people, talk to potential clients, business owners, your friends! Once you get started, then you keep going. via

Is Aflac a pyramid scheme?

Another way to make money at Aflac is through recruiting people into the company, which is where the business begins to feel like a pyramid scheme. Associates earn 5 percent of all first-year sales produced by recruits they bring in. “If so, an Aflac sales agent career is for you! via

Do you need a degree to work for Aflac?

Aflac Agents are 1099 contractors and it's easy to apply. A college degree is not required. Getting on with AFLAC takes the time it takes for you to pay the fees to the state for a temp license, and to get your fingerprinting done. The time it takes to make money can be anywhere from 30 - 120 days, so be prepared. via

How do I sell Aflac successfully? (video)

Does Aflac have paid training?

Yes you will get paid for training. Upon completion, you will receive a promotion and a raise. via

What license do I need to sell Aflac?

Prerequisites. An Aflac agent needs a life and health insurance license. Most states require a minimum number of hours of education along with the completion of a state licensing exam. After licensing, most states require agents to take a certain number of hours of continuing education courses at least every two years. via

Does Aflac offer benefits to employees?

Aflac also offers a value-added portfolio of service benefits that go even deeper, such as financial wellness programs; college assistance plans; and employee assistance programs that include in-person visits, telemedicine, health advocacy and more. via

Do Aflac agents get paid hourly?

How much does an Aflac Insurance Agent make? Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $27.42 an hour. via

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