How Much Are Snuggies


What is the blanket you wear called?

SNUGGIE BLANKET is a functional wearable blanket, built for relaxation. It will keep you warm whether you are watching TV or reading a book. via

Are Snuggies comfortable?

I gave the Snuggie a 3 out of 5 because yes, it's warm, comfortable, and practicalish. via

What is a Snuggie made of?

A sleeved blanket is a body-length blanket with sleeves usually made of fleece or nylon material. It is similar in design to a bathrobe but is meant to be worn backwards (i.e., with the opening in the back). via

How do you wear a Snuggie?

The Snuggie will fit onto your body backwards, with the opening of the Snuggie at your back and the solid piece covering your front--similar to a hospital gown. Insert your arms into the Snuggie sleeves. Reach around at attach the Velcro at the back of the Snuggie to secure the blanket over you. via

Who invented Snuggies?

All Star Products created the Snuggie after being inspired by an already existing product: The Slanket. The Slanket was created in 1997 by a then-freshman at the University of Maine named Gary Clegg. via

What is Snuggie slang for?

Snuggies are long underwear. An example of snuggies are long underwear worn to keep warm on cold days. noun. 1. Women's long, warm underwear. via

Can you walk in a Snuggie?

something you could walk around in… but no, it's just an oversized robe that you wear backwards and can't walk around in because there's no way to close the back.” via

Do Snuggies have pockets?

SNUGGIE BLANKET is a functional wearable blanket, built for relaxation. It will keep you warm whether you are watching TV or reading a book. The built-in pockets keep your devices handy, while the sleeves leave your hands free to flip the page or change the channel! via

Do people still use Snuggies?

Snuggies may look like robes—flowing, loose, sleeved—but after the conclusion of a prolonged court battle this week, they are definitely, legally, not clothes. The US Court of International Trade on Feb. via

What year were Snuggies popular?

Ten years and 30 million Snuggie® Blankets later, America's favorite blanket continues to snuggle up to new friends around the world! The Snuggie® Era was born in 2008 with the debut of one of the most memorable and popular infomercials of all time. via

How many Snuggies have been sold?

The Snuggie

Rob Walker, in The New York Times Magazine, called it the “Pet Rock of the Depression 2.0 era.” Today, more than 30 million of the body-blankets have been sold. via

How do you put a Snuggie on a dog?

  • Place your dog over the Snuggie, with his feet in the leg holes.
  • Pull the Snuggie up over his body, minding special care around the legs since pups move around and may step out of the leg holes.
  • Wrap it around your dog's back so that it covers him like a shirt.
  • Velcro the fasteners together.
  • via

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