How Many Questions Are On The Nbcot


What percent do you need to pass the NBCOT exam?

To pass the NBCOT, you will need to score a minimum of 450 on a standardized scale ranging from 300 to 600. Passing scores are based on your responses across all components of the exam. via

Is the NBCOT exam hard?

The NBCOT® exam strikes fear in the hearts of occupational therapy students everywhere, and for good reason. The exam has developed a well-earned reputation for being extremely hard to pass. via

How long should you study for the NBCOT?

One needs to allocate time accordingly. It is recommended that students study 4 – 8 hours per day, 6 days a week, for at least 6 to 8 weeks in order to properly process and understand the test's material. via

How many times can you retake the NBCOT exam?

A: An exam candidate can take the certification exam for the second and third time afer 30 days from the date of the previous exam attempt. The candidate can take the exam for the fourth through sixth times afer 60 days from the date of previous exam attempt. via

Is pass the OT worth it?

Great job!" I improved my score by 43 points with Pass The OT and absolutely loved the program. I loved how they broke down topics into easy to understand sections and had videos, more. I loved how they broke down topics into easy to understand sections and had videos, voice recordings and charts. via

Is the NBCOT study Pack worth it?

Having positive experiences personally with AOTA's Exam Prep, I do recommend it to students who are considering it. For AOTA members, the cost is $149 for OTRs or $99 for COTAs (non-members pay a bit more). It's well worth it especially if you'll be using it regularly. via

How do you know if you passed the NBCOT?

Select occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant or the permit option if you registered for that. Enter the legal name you registered for the NBCOT process. If your name appears, you know that you passed! via

How much does the NBCOT exam cost?

The fee is $555. via

What percentage of people pass the NBCOT the first time?

Most students (n = 268; 85.1%) passed the NBCOT exam on the first attempt. via

Does everyone feel like they failed the NBCOT?

Many people feel like they failed, coming out of the test. But just remember, if you feel like you've studied enough, you will likely be fine. via

What is a good score on the NBCOT?

Overall performance is reported on a standardized scale ranging from 300 to 600. A total scaled score of at least 450 is required to pass the OTR or COTA certification examination. via

How soon can you retake the NBCOT exam?

If you fail the NBCOT® exam you may schedule to retake the exam 30 days after your last examination date. You will need to reapply and obtain a new Authorization to test (ATT) letter. Once you receive a new ATT letter, you should proceed to schedule your examination directly with Prometric as you had the first time. via

How do you break down questions on NBCOT? (video)

How often is the NBCOT offered?

Once this exam application is submitted, it is valid for three months. The certification exam must be taken within this three month period, or by the Authorization to Test (ATT) expiration date. via

Is NBCOT renewal required?

Your NBCOT certification is valid for three years, during which time you are granted the status of Active in Good Standing. To remain certified, you must submit a renewal application sometime between January and March of the year you are up for renewal. via

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