How Many Albums Does Journey Have

The following is a comprehensive discography of Journey, an American rock band. Since 1975, they have released 14 studio albums, four live albums, eight compilation albums, and 59 singles. via

How many albums did Journey put out?

The following is a comprehensive discography of Journey, an American rock band. Since 1975, they have released 14 studio albums, four live albums, eight compilation albums, and 59 singles. via

How many gold albums does Journey have?

Since the group's formation in 1973, the band has earned 19 Top 40 singles and 25 Gold and Platinum albums. The band's Greatest Hits album is certified 15 times Platinum, bringing Journey into the elite club of Diamond-certified album-holders. via

What is Journey's best-selling album?

Greatest Hits is a compilation album by the American rock band Journey, originally released in 1988 by Columbia Records. It is the band's best-selling career disc, spending 684 weeks on the Billboard 200 albums chart (more than any other compilation album, except for Bob Marley and the Wailers' Legend, in history). via

Why did Arnel Pineda leave Journey?

Pineda reflected on his more negative moments, saying he was the victim of bullying as a boy and that he had struggled with the death of his mother just before his singing career began. In 2005, he remembered, “I had to resign from my band because I lost my voice. It was a tough and cruel path until I met Journey.” via

How many #1 hits did journey?

They have had nineteen Top 40 singles in the U.S. (the second most without a Billboard Hot 100 number one single behind Electric Light Orchestra with 20), six of which reached the Top 10 of the US chart and two of which reached No. 1 on other Billboard charts, and a No. 6 hit on the UK Singles Chart in "Don't Stop via

Is Steve Perry back with Journey?

Former Frontman Steve Perry Will Never Reunite With Journey — Here's Why. The American rock band Journey has cemented their legacy in the world of classic rock music. With power ballad songs such as "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Faithfully," the lyrics continue to be sung throughout generations. via

Why is Steve Perry not in Journey?

Perry was diagnosed with a degenerative bone condition and a hip replacement was required, and as he was reluctant to rush into the surgery, Perry wanted to postpone the tour. Still hesitant to undergo surgery, and now upset at his bandmates, Perry announced that he was permanently leaving Journey. via

Is Journey still performing?

Journey is currently touring across 1 country and has 8 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, after that they'll be at The Theater at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas in Las Vegas. via

Why is Journey's logo a Beetle?

Instead, let's examine the other thing that the dung, er, scarab beetle is notable for. It's a symbol of the Egyptian god, Khepri, who in turn is a symbol of rebirth, the sun, and creation. via

What is Def Leppard's biggest hit?

  • Photograph. Def Leppard. Peaked at #1 on 3.18.1983.
  • Hysteria. Def Leppard. Peaked at #9 on 1.22.1988.
  • ROCK OF AGES. Def Leppard. Peaked at #1 on 6.3.1983.
  • Foolin' Def Leppard. Peaked at #9 on 8.5.1983.
  • Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion) Def Leppard.
  • Promises. Def Leppard.
  • Paper Sun. Def Leppard.
  • Armageddon It. Def Leppard.
  • via

    How many albums has foreigner sold?

    Overall, Foreigner's albums have sold more than 50 million copies worldwide, almost 40 million of them in the United States alone. via

    Did Pineda leave Journey?

    Since early 2020, Journey frontman Arnel Pineda has been back at his home in Manila, the Philippines, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that hasn't stopped him from working, remotely, on a new album by the band. via

    Is Steve Perry married 2020?

    Perry had never married. “I was too scared of it after what I watched my parents go through,” he says. Perry's eye was caught by one of the cancer survivors who appeared briefly in the film. The woman was Kellie Nash, a psychologist who had undergone treatment. via

    What happen to the original vocalist of Journey?

    Perry took a hiatus, effectively dissolving the band he'd helped make famous. He did not disappear completely — there was a solo album in 1994, followed in 1996 by a Journey reunion album, “Trial by Fire.” But it wasn't long before Mr. Perry, now 69, explained why he left, and why he's returned. via

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