How Long Is The Showboat Branson Belle Cruise


What should I wear to the Branson Belle?

A regular shirt and pants you wear everyday is fine, but you can do a costume, if you want. Most people do costumes on the princess and pirate cruises, but not so much the regular cruises. over a year ago. Any type dress is fine. via

Does Branson Belle serve alcohol?

Are alcoholic beverages served on the Showboat Branson Belle? No alcoholic beverages are available on the Showboat Branson Belle. via

Do you have to wear a mask on the Branson Belle?

Yes, capacity will be limited inside our restaurants and Showboat Branson Belle to allow for adequate social distancing measures. Additionally, consistent with state guidelines, guests aged 12 and under may also visit without wearing a mask or physically distancing. via

How did they get the Branson Belle in the water?

The Showboat Branson Belle was launched in 1995 from the shipyard at White River Landing, located on the 800-mile shoreline of Table Rock Lake. Two tons of biodegradable bananas were used to aid the ship's launch, instead of standard lubricants, to minimize harm to the environment. via

Does Silver Dollar City serve alcohol?

No alcohol is served or permitted on the park's premises. via

What lake is the Branson Belle on?

Cruise the pristine waters of Table Rock Lake, dine on a scrumptious 3-course meal and be entertained by a lively show! via

Who owns Silver Dollarcity?

Silver Dollar City via

What time does SDC close?

It officially opens for the 2021 Christmas season on Sat., Nov. 6 and continues through Dec. 30. The daily operating schedule varies, but it's generally open Wednesday through Sunday from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. via

Is Silver Dollar City Open March 2021?

After a brief season of being shut down during the months of January and February, one of the Best Amusement Parks in America – Silver Dollar City – will make its grand return in March of 2021 with many fun and interactive events following the park's opening! Learn more on the park site here. via

Are reservations required for Silver Dollar City?

Season pass reservations may be required during peak attendance dates at Silver Dollar City. Reservations can be made for the current week and up to 45 days in advance. (Please note a reservation does not guarantee IMMEDIATE entry into the park.) We appreciate you and look forward to your visit! via

Can you bring your own food to Silver Dollar City?

Yes. You are welcome to bring snacks, beverages and even small coolers with you into Silver Dollar City. We just ask that you exclude any glass containers or alcoholic beverages. via

What does Herschend Family Entertainment own?

The largest privately held theme park company in America, Herschend Family Entertainment consists of 26 properties in ten states: amusements parks (including Dollywood, co-owned by Dolly Parton), water parks, aquariums, a safari, campgrounds, a showboat and, most recently, the storied Harlem Globetrotters. via

What is the depth of Table Rock Lake?

Table Rock Lake via

Can you wear flip flops to Silver Dollar City?

No. I wear Toe Shoes constantly. SDC has no rides that require closed toe shoes. Many rides, like Wildfire and Accelerator make people take off their flip flops so they dont fly off because your feet rarely ever touch a floor, but they dont have any moving parts that they think would harm anybodys feet. via

Does Dolly Parton own Silver Dollar City?

Superstar celebrity Dolly Parton bought into Silver Dollar City in 1986 with an eye toward helping the Herschends expand and popularize the park from small regional attraction into a top-tier destination. via

Is Silver Dollar City worth the money?

Overall, thumbs up. Silver Dollar City is definitely worth visiting! While you are in Branson, check out the Top of the Rock Golf Cart Tour - it's incredible! via

What companies does Dolly Parton own?

Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation is the operating partner for Dolly Parton in The Dollywood Company, which owns Dollywood Parks & Resorts - Dollywood Theme Park, Dollywood's Splash Country, Dollywood Cabins, and Dollywood's DreamMore Resort & Spa all located in the Great Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, TN. via

Did Dolly sell Dollywood?

So. To answer the question at hand: No. Dolly Parton didn't sell Dollywood. I'm not sure she could if she even wanted to unless it was selling her share to her co-owners. via

What businesses does Dolly Parton own?

Along with the Herschend family, Dolly Parton co-owns the Dolly Parton's Stampede (formerly Dixie Stampede) dinner attraction chain, which has locations in Pigeon Forge (opened 1988), Myrtle Beach (1992), and Branson (1995). via

What are the busiest days at Silver Dollar City?

Crowd notes

Wednesday and Friday are often the best days to go for shorter lines, while Saturday and Monday tend to be the busiest. The most popular months are typically March, June and July, while September, January and April are normally quieter. via

What age gets in free at Silver Dollar City?

Ages 3 and under are free. Not valid with any other offer, discount or on previously purchased tickets. via

How much are Silver Dollar City tickets at the gate?

Single-day tickets at the gate or online are $72 for adults and $62 for children. However, A two-day ticket is available for just a bit more — $92 for adults and $82 for children. via

Does Silver Dollar City have a senior discount?

Senior Rate/Discount starts for anyone who turns 65 any time during 2019 season or for those 65 and older. via

Is Silver Dollar City Open in March?

Thanks for your interest in Silver Dollar City! All of our 40 rides & attractions will be open in March, weather permitting. Water rides will close if the temperature drops below 50; ALL rides close if lightning is detected within a 10 mile radius. via

How much does it cost to park at Silver Dollar City?

Preferred Parking is only $15 (per day). Season Pass Preferred Parking is $10 (per day). Get even close to the front gate when you purchase Premier Parking, which is just steps away from the main entrance. Premier Parking is only $50 (per day), but has limited availability. via

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