How Did Sonny Bono Die


Did Sonny Bono die instantly?

Sonny Bono collided with a tree and died instantly in a tragic 1998 accident at Heavenly Mountain ski resort. An avid skier for more than 20 years, Bono was tempting fate when he left his wife and two children and sped off the Upper Orion main trail to do some “tree skiing.” via

What injuries did Sonny Bono have?

Sonny Bono, the former singer and TV performer who was killed in a skiing accident Monday, revealed that he died of massive head injuries. Douglas County, Nevada, Sheriff Ron Pierini said at a news conference Tuesday that Bono's death "was caused by massive head injuries due to blunt force trauma" from hitting a tree. via

How fast was Sonny Bono going when he died?

Pierini said officials estimated that Bono was going between 20 and 30 miles per hour when he hit the tree. He said the autopsy by the Douglas County coroner showed "no indication of any substances or alcohol." Bono's body was flown to Palm Springs today, where a funeral is planned for Friday. via

Who inherited Sonny Bono's money?

His Estate

Bono died due to a skiing accident, he was worth approximately $2 million dollars. He left behind a wife, Mary, and three children: Chastity (now Chaz) Bono, Chesare Elan Bono, and Christy Bono Fasce. His tragic loss was further complicated because he had never prepared an estate plan or even just a will. via

What mountain did Sonny Bono die on?

Sonny Bono via

Was Sonny Bono drunk when he died?

Bono died of massive head injuries. There was no evidence of drug or alcohol use, he said. Mr. Bono's death came less than a week after Michael L. via

What is chers real name?

Cher via

Why did Sonny and Cher split?

Cher filed for divorce in 1974, citing “involuntary servitude” as the reason for the split. The divorce proceedings were ugly; she accused Sonny of withholding her fair share of earnings and he took her to court for custody of Chastity. Cher: “Yeah, but we were fine with that. We had a strange relationship. via

Are Chaz and Elijah close?

Growing up, Chaz and Elijah had a pretty close bond. However, as they advanced in age and led different lifestyles, Chaz and Elijah's relationship slowly fizzled as each had their respective troubles to battle. The half-siblings exposed to the life of fame from an early age each battled various issues. via

Is Natasha Richardson death?

Natasha Richardson via

How much older was Sonny than Cher?

Not only was Cher just 16 when they met, nearly 12 years younger than Sonny, but their family life also became inextricably entwined with their careers. And even after their divorce, they shared a powerful history that Cher honored following Sonny's death in 1998. via

How did Chaz Bono lose weight?

After tipping the scale at 250 pounds, Bono vowed to lose weight in November 2012. He set his original goal of dropping 50 pounds, but he has since lost more than 80 pounds. He now sticks to a healthier lifestyle, following a diet rich in meat and vegetables. via

What is Elijah Blues net worth?

Elijah Blue Allman net worth: Elijah Blue Allman is an American musician and contemporary artist who has a net worth of $15 million dollars. via

Did Cher attend Sonny's funeral?

Sonny Bono's funeral in January 1998 included celebrities and politicians such as Cher, Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt Newt Gingrich, Former President Gerald Ford, California Gov. Pete Wilson and others. via

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