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Can I travel with Hutt River Passport?

Entry requirements

Visitors to the Hutt River Province don't need a visa but you can get your passport stamped at the border (for $2). via

Can you still visit Hutt River Province?

It's been closed to travelers since January but, previously, Hutt River's self-proclaimed "Royal Family" went to great effort to make their micronation intriguing to tourists. Visitors who arrived at the property were greeted by a member of the family, who first helped them secure their entry visa, which cost US$2.50. via

Is Hutt River still a country?

The Principality of Hutt River, often referred to by its former name, the Hutt River Province, was a micronation in Australia. The principality claimed to be an independent sovereign state, founded on 21 April 1970. It was dissolved on 3 August 2020. via

How do I become a citizen of Hutt River?

The following persons shall be deemed to be citizens of the Hutt River Province Principality: (I) those who are resident citizens of the Hutt River Province Principality when this act comes into force; (2) the child of a Hutt River citizen shall become a Hutt River citizen by birth; (3) a child of unknown parents found via

What is the oldest micronation?

The oldest micronation to date is the Kingdom of Redonda which was founded 1865 in the Caribbean. It is still active to date, with a king and aristocracy. via

Why did Hutt River dissolve?

Prince Graeme Casley confirmed the West Australian principality would be dissolved and the property sold as farmland in order to pay off a growing debt to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). He said the falling income from tourism due to COVID-19, along with the debt, were the main reasons for the dissolution. via

Where we can find the Hutt river?

Hutt River, river in southern North Island, New Zealand. It rises in the Tararua Range and, fed by the Pakuratahi, Mangaroa, Akatarawa, and Whakatikei rivers, flows south to enter Wellington Harbour after a course of 35 miles (56 km). via

Can you start your own country in Australia?

"Anyone can declare themselves a king or queen in their own home, or declare their own nation, but doing so sits entirely outside of the law," says UNSW Scientia Professor and constitutional law expert, George Williams. via

How many states in Australia are independent?

Mainland Australia is the world's largest island but also the smallest continent. The country is divided into six states and two territories. via

What is the biggest country in Australia?

By far the largest country by area is Australia with 7,692,024 km², followed by Papua New Guinea with 462,840 km² and New Zealand (270,467 km²). The smallest independent country in Oceania is the island nation of Nauru, it covers an area of 21 km² (8 sq mi). via

How many micronations are in Australia?

Despite the demise of Hutt River, many micronations continue to exist. During research for an upcoming book on micronations, I have identified at least 135 around the world. Australia has a particular reputation for this phenomenon. Some estimates suggest a third of all micronations are located in Australia. via

What is a micro country?

Micronation, entity that claims to be an independent state but whose sovereignty is not recognized by the international community. Micronations are distinct from microstates, such as Liechtenstein or Vatican City, whose sovereignty over extremely small territories and populations is internationally recognized. via

Is Hutt River for sale?

The formerly known Hutt River Province, Northampton, is for sale. In 1970 the principality claimed to be an independent sovereign nation by (self-proclaimed) prince Leonard Casley, although was never recognised as such by the Federal government. via

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